Skewed 'n Reviewed Movie News and Reviews 2014-12-17T21:27:58Z gareth <![CDATA[Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Custom Items Trailer]]> 2014-12-17T21:27:58Z 2014-12-17T21:27:58Z A trailer showcasing the new Customization Items featured in the Havoc DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now available.

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Ryan Guerra <![CDATA[The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies]]> 2014-12-17T20:47:18Z 2014-12-17T07:01:22Z It’s been thirteen years since Director Peter Jackson first took us to middle earth and showed movie

audiences that large scale fantasy could be done right on film with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And

now the final trek through middle earth is here with the third and final film in the Hobbit series.

Picking up at the climatic conclusion of 2013’s The Desolation of Smaug, The Battle of the Five Armies is

less about the journey and more about the war between the various armies of middles earth over the

massive riches in the mountain home they journeyed to reclaim. After the exciting beginning that serves

to tie up the previous film and sets to table for this one, we begin to see the brotherhood between the

dwarfs, a wizard, a few elves and a Hobbit that focuses on the bonds of friendship and loyalty. This

builds on itself as it leads to the climactic battle of the five armies. The battle is on the grand scale you

would come to expect from these middle earth films, only at times this battle seems to rely on a bit too

much CGI and thus almost plays out cartoonish. Granted, this is a fantasy world were Dwarfs, Elves and

Men are fighting Orcs so it is really not that hard to suspend disbelief in the first place. Thus the film is

entertaining in its own right as it wraps up one trilogy and bridges to another.

This bridge is what surprised me most. We received a bit more insight to some of the higher beings and

their understanding that villain in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is slowly returning to power. These

sequences are entertaining and great for fan service, but they seem to be handled a bit to simply as it

makes us wonder, if they knew this dark figure was alive, why did they wait so long (The Lord of the

Rings Trilogy) to do something about it. Still, it is nice to see the story wrapped up into one complete

adventure that viewer could connect all the way through.

In the end, those fans of the books and previous films will be pleased with the action, pace and way this

film wraps everything up. Other than the sequence of Bilbo’s interaction with Smaug in the last film, The

Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is the best film in the Hobbit Series.

4 out of 5 stars

Special Podcast on The Hobbit.

Second Review by
Joseph Saulnier

One last trip back to Middle Earth, you say? Don’t mind if I do. The
Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
is the final installment of the The
trilogy from New Line Cinema, MGM and Wingnut Films. Picking up
right where we left off in The Desolation of Smaug, Five Armies begins
with Smaug’s attack on Lake-Town, driving out the residents lucky enough to
survive. Clearly, with a title like *Five Armies *has (and it should be no
surprise to those who have read the once-children’s tale), Smaug is
defeated and we move onto something bigger. But I won’t spoil the details
beyond that. Now that Erebor is free of the dragon’s control, a bigger
threat looms. Control of the mountain. For many reasons, many armies
(five to be exact) come to attempt control. But who will reign supreme?

Okay, now that I have pandered to those who want a bit of a plot outline,
let’s get onto how I felt about this film. First, I have to say that I
have had a love/hate relationship with The Hobbit film series. It really
bothers me that they changed so much from the book to movie. I know that
this is common practice, and films cannot be exactly like the books, but
creating an all-new (for the film) central-point character, who has defined
relationships that affect other characters, scenes and even plot points of
the story… that is a bit much to make this a fathomable “adaptation” and
not a reimagining of the great work. That being said, I have greatly
enjoyed the films and the imagery presented with them.

First, performances were excellent as per usual. Martin Freeman portrays
Bilbo Baggins in an honorable a noble light, just as I remember him from my
childhood reads of The Hobbit. But I feel like the man who stole the
spotlight this time around was definitely Richard Armitage (Thorin
). I was worried coming into this final chapter of the story
about how Armitage was going to be able to pull off the darkness – as it
were – that we see affect Oakenshield after having won back the home of
his people. I have not had the opportunity to see many of Mr. Armitage’s
previous works, mainly experiencing him only in these movies, but he did an
admirable job. I could go on and on about all the things this film did
right, but most of them you know and have experience in the previous 2
films. So let me tell you about a couple things that really irked me.

The vast overuse of humor became really irritating at a point. I am all
for some small comic relief in various points of a movie, just so it
doesn’t seem to dark and broody, but there is a limit to it. It almost
felt like they wanted to break up the tension, then really driving it home
by hitting you 2 or 3 more times in a row with more gags/jokes, just to
make sure you got the point. Needless to say, there was a bit too much for
my taste. They could have toned it down a little and still not had it be a
dark movie.

The other thing that really got me was Tauriel. They invent this character
for the movie – to give you more connection to the dwarfs, thus making a
scene from this final installment more impactful – but they don’t give you
any closure on the character herself. In the end, you are left wanting to
know more about her and what becomes of her, but alas… we won’t. Because
the follow up to The Hobbit, and this character is pretty obviously
nowhere to be found in The Lord of the Rings. She was not a character
anywhere in Tolkien’s world, so we can’t expect to see her in any other
stories. Not like we will ever see another film set in Middle Earth
anyway, unless the Tolkien estate does become foolish enough to sell rights
to the god awful Silmarillion, or to Middle Earth in general so new stories
can be told.

Despite those 2 big gripes for me, this movie is definitely worth checking
out. Maybe even a couple times. I know I, for one, will be back to see it
in theaters. Even if only to support my fellow short-hairy-guys on
screen! But keep in mind, it’s not short, but it’s also not the longest of
the Middle Earth films. It runs at 2 hours 24 minutes, which means the
director’s cut will be over 4 hours!

4 stars out of 5

Joseph Saulnier <![CDATA[What Microsoft Did Right With The Xbox One]]> 2014-12-17T06:38:34Z 2014-12-17T06:36:03Z The Kinect is no longer a gimmick. I know that many never felt it was, but
for some out there it seemed like just a way to sell more Xbox 360s. Which
is partly true. I wonder if Microsoft ever knew how big this thing would
become, and in meaningful ways not connected to the Xbox brand.

Getting back on subject, the Kinect is actually useful, but just not in the
gaming sense. The voice recognition is nothing short of amazing, and is
extremely adaptable. I really didn’t see myself using it very much, even
to the point of debating buying the bundle with the Kinect, but I am so
glad I did. There’s nothing cooler to a sci-fi geek like myself than being
able to walk in the room and say “Xbox On” and watch the Kinect come to
life as it turns on my TV, and the Xbox One automatically sets itself to
Watch TV (the default function can be changed in settings). Not just do
that, but I can tell my Xbox to tune to HBO and it knows what channel it
is. It can even control volume and access the guide. It just can’t access
my DVR list, but only a minor drawback.

The games are coming. Personally, I have certain game types that I play
certain consoles (aside from exclusives). Xbox happens to by my go-to for
sports/racing games. But I also like the exclusives that the brand has
been able offer in the past. At launch, there just weren’t enough
exclusives to draw me in. At least none that made me want to take that
leap. I still have concerns over Microsoft banking everything on Halo and
Gears of War exclusives, but we are starting to see more hit the scene
too. Sunset Overdrive is a blast to play, reminding me a weird combo
between Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto and Tony Hawk. Forza Horizon 2
somehow manages to be more fun than the original. Also, while not an
exclusive, I am currently being completely terrified by The Evil Within.
But there are more great games on the Horizon, and hopefully Microsoft will
start playing more friendly and we can see some really great exclusives hit
the shelves in the years to come.

The interface and usability of the system has drastically improved over the
Xbox 360 too. They found a happy medium in being Kinect motion friendly,
and controller friendly. Things can be difficult to find sometimes, and
not everything can be controlled from just one method (Kinect vs.
controller), but they do work well with each other.

The Xbox One is extremely powerful. Despite having the lower quality
hardware (again, when you look at specs on paper, the PS4 is clearly more
powerful than the Xbox One, please do not debate this. You can’t argue
with the hardware installed), the Xbox One is one powerful machine and does
things that the PS4 cannot. I think the key to Microsoft’s success in this
current age of the console war is being able to find efficient, effective
ways of utilizing the power that is under the hood of this beast. I think
efficiency is especially the key here, especially if they can find a more
minimalist approach to the UI and navigation. I am very aware that it
sometimes takes over a minute to open “My Games & Apps” because it has to
generate content for the tiles on the screen by running out to the
internet. But give us some options here. Allow us to turn that feature
off so that we can get those screaming fast load times the commercials
promise us.

Okay. I have said my peace. Microsoft definitely has the opportunity to
win this age of console wars with the beastly power and potential the Xbox
One has, but can they harness it well enough to emerge the victor. Only
time will tell. It is currently a great entertainment platform, but how
about bringing it back to its roots as a great gaming platform too. Let’s
hope that Microsoft becomes a little more developer-friendly, and we get to
see the full-power of this machine released into excellent

Joseph Saulnier <![CDATA[What Microsoft Has Done Wrong With The Xbox One]]> 2014-12-17T06:39:55Z 2014-12-17T06:33:01Z Given the current climate of the internet, I feel it necessary to post a
disclaimer now before the inevitable bashing begins. I am not a fanboy of
any brand. Over the course of my life, I have owned nearly every video
game console and platform you can think of, even those predating my birth.
My current console collection consists of (in no particular order):
Neo-Geo, SEGA Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Wii,
Wii-U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, PlayStation 2 (dead), PlayStation 3,
PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and a high-end
gaming PC. I did not just list this to flaunt my collection to you, but to
show that I hold no affinity of one branch/system over another. I have had
to make tough choices on which systems to buy when (due to funding
limitations), but ultimately I end up with each big name’s system.

In the PS4-XB1 bought, the PS4 won over last year. I made this decision
based on the specs on paper. The PS4 had higher quality materials, and
seemed like it might be the better place to start. So I purchased it and
had it on day one. Not without some issues, but I was able to play it by
day 3. If only emoticons were jouranilistically accepted, as it is hard to
emote whimsical sarcasm through pure text. I have had over year with the
system, and it has been everything I thought it would be. I can’t say and
then some, but it may look like there are some things on the Horizon that
will allow me to say this. So flash forward to December 2014. I have not
picked up the Xbox One. I really just want to blurt out all my thoughts
and feelings at once, but trying to find a nice and organized way to hit
you with my impressions of the system. So let’s start with the parts I am
having trouble with, commonly known as the cons.

The Cons

Starting from setup, I had an issue with the wireless connection on the
Xbox. It found my internet, connected fine, and was getting into the
download for the OS update. The update is nothing new, as most everything
needs to update right out of the box these days, but the download stalled
at 36%. Then it told me it lost internet connection. When I checked the
connection with a test, it said I was connected and ready to try
downloading again. Once it attempts to download, it lost the connection
again. So, I broke out the CAT-5 to shimmy together a quick cable and I
was on my way to Xbox greatness. It got through the download ran the
update, and I was ready to go.

So the Xbox system I got had the Assassin’s Creed bundle. It provided me
with download codes for both games, so I immediately started the
downloads. I had to go somewhere for a short time, so I left thinking it
would be ready for me to play when I get back. The problem is this: I set
the Xbox to turn off after an hour of inactivity. My mistake was thinking
that the games would continue to download while it was in “sleep mode”.
Boy was I wrong. When I turned it back on again, it wasn’t even a 25% done
downloading the first game. It took nearly 8 hours to download the two
games, plus some additional content for them. I checked my speeds on all
my other internet-connected devices, and they were all getting great
download/upload speeds. The Xbox One was not. (and yes, I even switched
cables). Also, there is no clear option as there was on the 360 or even
the PlayStation 3/4.

It’s slow. Not just in internet connection, though I suspect it plays a
lot into it. Over the course of the time I have owned it, I have used it a
lot. When I go to access “My Games & Apps” it sometimes takes over a
minute to actually move past the loading screen. And this is just to show
what games and/or apps I have installed on the console. I have the same
issue when opening NFL, Netflix, even watching TV sometimes. It takes
agonizingly long period of time to perform even the simplest of operations.

Speaking of watching TV through the Xbox. I have had a persistent issue
that the Xbox keeps telling me it lost the TV signal. Nothing has changed
from the last time I watched TV, but it says it can’t find the signal. If
I turn off the cable box, it will then present a still of the last frame
that it showed. If I turn the cable box back on, I get the message that it
lost the connection again. The only thing that will fix this is if I
reseat the HDMI cable leading from the cable box to the Xbox One.
Thankfully, this hasn’t been an issue for over a week now, knock on wood.

The lower quality hardware (when compared to the PS4) really does shine
through at times to. There were several scenes in Sunset Overdrive or
Assassin’s Creed Unity that were blurry for the slightest of moments at the
beginning, but quickly correct themselves. I never experienced anything
like this with Assassin’s Creed Unity on the PS4, but it is still something
I can live with. But when I noticed blurriness and distortion in some of
the more action heavy scenes, it started to bother me.

Navigation is a bit confusing at times, too, as I still do not know how to
get to the settings menu without using the Kinect voice command. But, all
that being said, the Xbox One has a lot going for it as well which will be discussed in a future article.

gareth <![CDATA[Does The Force Awakens Refer To The Rebirth Of The Dark Side]]> 2014-12-14T18:49:25Z 2014-12-14T18:49:25Z To say that there is fan excitement over the new “Star Wars” films would be something of an understatement. The record number of hits for the teaser trailer shows a rapid fan base, and many are eager to see what is to come with the series.

With the Star Wars Celebration set for April 2015, and The D23 Expo set for August of 2015, they are both events where more news about the next film(s) may be revealed, and perhaps more footage will be shown.
Last week we did an analysis of the trailer and what it may mean in the larger picture. This time out I am going to look at some of the more speculative nature of where the future films will go.

It was reported that George Lucas worked with Michael Arndt on an outline for the next trilogy before JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan reworked the screenplay for Episode VII. With that in mind, this is for the most part the first film without Lucas as a screenwriter, producer, or director. Abrams is attempting to put his own stamp on the series while still being respectful to the original trilogy that inspired it. This is why it is very likely that we will see a film that is darker and more complex than what we are used to seeing. there are reports of multiple force sensitive bad guys in the film and that some characters will hold some secrets as well as connections to characters from the Prequels.

What I find interesting is that episode VIII is being written/directed by Rian Johnson who is reportedly working on Episode IX as well. So we have three films written by different people, this is new for the series as even though the originals had different screenwriters, all six films worked on a story by Lucas. As such I would think that Producer Kathleen Kennedy and the powers that be worked with Abrams and Johnson to ensure continuity as I am sure Johnson would not inherit storylines to develop and complete without some prior knowledge of where the storylines were originating from.

In a Babylon 5 esque way, the characters may very well not be as the first appear. Heroes may become bad guys and bad guys may in turn be heroes in the end. This ambiguity is great from a storytelling perspective as it is rife with dramatic potential.

Redemption and falling from grace have been key points of the series. As Anakin Skywalker embodies a fall from grace and eventual redemption so it may be a thread that is likely to continue.

Episode VII is an introduction to new characters and scenarios framed by the classic characters but it is clear that the new characters will be the ultimate movers and shakers in the films going forward.

While I would love to see happy endings for the classic characters, I am coming to terms with the notion that this simply may not be in the cards. What better way to put a stamp on the new films by seeing a beloved character die or fall from grace. I hope this is not the case but deaths of beloved and popular characters has been a regular part of the series.

To me one of the biggest keys will be the bad guys. I wrote an article last year asking how the new films can hope to do better than Darth Vader as the main bad guy and that in my opinion it would be wise not to try to do so.
The bad guys simply have to be effective to the plot they do not have to be iconic as this will happen if they are done well. There are rumors of three bad guys being Force enabled so to me this is an interesting look at the title. We were told that Anakin would bring balance to the Force and it is believed that in killing the Emperor and dying he removed the Dark Side from the galaxy and fulfilled the prophecy.

Luke has undoubtedly been locating and training other Force sensitive individuals as even during the Empire, nature still produced those with this ability.

Without the Empire hunting them down, thirty two years or so has likely produced a solid number especially if there are no restrictions on marriage or reproduction.

That being said, you cannot have light without the dark as it only stands to reason that some individuals with Force abilities would be tempted to fall or at least lean to the Dark Side. All you need is a person with abilities not to be identified and trained who give into anger, hate, fear, or any of the other triggers and start down the path.
Where said dark individuals get their training to be a threat remains a mystery so it is likely someone with prior training who has turned or someone remained hidden. My bet is that some dark individual in true Sith fashion has been hiding in the shadows and biding their time. Hence the title could be the Dark Side of the Force awakening. To me the speculation is part of the fun of the films as I cannot think of any film series that has inspired so much debate prior to the release of each new film, and with so many films in the works, it will be great to see where the series goes and to debate each new shred of information. So let me close with this, what do you think the title refers to and why?

gareth <![CDATA[How to Set Up PlayStation 4 Remote Play on Your Xperia Phone]]> 2014-12-13T04:05:29Z 2014-12-13T03:48:40Z Gaming has become a nearly ubiquitous part of modern culture, whether it be on consoles or mobile devices. Nielsen reports that 50 percent of American console gamers now also play games on a mobile device or tablet, a leap up from just 35 percent in 2011. It is with this knowledge in mind that Sony has made it possible for PlayStation 4 owners to play PS4 games on their Sony Xperia smartphones. So, if you’ve ever wanted to experience your favorite console titles on your smartphone, here’s a look at how you can do it.

Getting Started With Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play has long been available for the PlayStation Vita, which allows gamers to play their PS4 games when away from their console. However, the addition of the Xperia is a breath of fresh air. To get started, you’ll need to Xperiaown an Xperia device that is capable of syncing with the PlayStation 4.

Next, you’ll want to Remote Playdownload the Remote Play app from the Google Play store. This app will allow you to connect your device to your home Wi-Fi network and sync it with your PlayStation 4.

It is recommended that you use your home Wi-Fi for best results. Although it is possible to use a public Wi-Fi network to connect to your PS4, it is very likely that you will experience connectivity issues on a public network. Once you’ve downloaded the app, make sure the latest version of the PlayStation 4 system software has been installed on your console, otherwise you won’t be able to use Remote Play. Turn on the Remote Play feature on your PlayStation 4 through the settings menu and register your device.

Taking Control

Use of the remote play feature for the PlayStation 4 on a smartphone requires a DualShock 4 controller. But, if it seems awkward to play on your phone, you might want to consider getting Sony’s new Game Control Mount, which allows you to mount your phone directly onto your controller for a handheld PS4 experience.

When you first run the Remote Play app on your smartphone, you will be asked if you want to sync a DualShock 4 controller. If you only own a single controller, skip this step for now so that you can use it to navigate the PlayStation menus until you are ready. If you have multiple controllers, go ahead and sync one of them now. At this point, tap the Search button in the smartphone app to sync your phone with your console.

A Better Handheld Experience

As mentioned before, it is best to connect your devices through a shared home Wi-Fi network. Not only is this the most secure way to sync, but if your network is fast enough, it can improve your remote play experience. For example, if you have a strong connection, you can enable a higher video quality for your game. To do this, head to the “Settings” tab in the Remote Play app, and open the Video Quality for Remote Play tab. Here, you can change the setting to High; to improve the quality of the video. If it turns out that this is too much of a strain on your Wi-Fi Nework, you can always switch back to the original video settings through the same tab.

Jennifer Fiduccia <![CDATA[Exodus: Gods and Kings]]> 2014-12-12T04:38:38Z 2014-12-12T04:36:42Z Exodus: Gods and Kings is a new movie directed by Ridley Scott.

With other great films under his belt such as Alien, Gladiator, GI Jane, and many many more, I had high hopes for this film.

The cast includes Christian Bale as Moses, Ben Kingsley as Nun, Joel Edgerton as Ramses, John Turturro as Seti, Sigourney Weaver as Tuya, and Aaron Paul as Joshua.

At 2 hours and 22 minutes long, I actually FELT the movie dragging in places, and yet I was less than thrilled with the ending.

The 3D didn’t add anything to the movie. During scenes where the 3D should have been a major asset to the film, enhancing the viewing experience, and drawing the audience into the story, it really didn’t add anything to the story, nor did it seem to add any “wow factor”.

Being completely non-religious myself, I cannot speak to many of the other seemingly negative comments regarding the films lack of “following the true story”, but I can say that the story presented was rather…. Lackluster.

In previews it seemed as if the whole movie would be set on a grand grand scale, and that it was worth paying to see on the big screen.

In actuality, while the movie does seem to be set on a grand scale, it just didn’t grab me in enough, didn’t capture my feelings and make me root for one side or the other, didn’t make me CARE enough about the characters or the story to want to bother to see it again, on the big screen or even on the tv.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “horrible”‘ or even “bad”, but I couldn’t tell someone “this is a movie you simply MUST SEE on the big screen”, either.

If I’d have paid to see it, I’d have been annoyed.

The best summation that I might be able to give this movie is…. “Meh”.

I’d give this movie a reluctant 2 out of 5 stars, and only as many as 2 to give Ridley Scott the benefit of the doubt.


gareth <![CDATA[Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare HAVOC DLC Trailer]]> 2014-12-11T21:33:09Z 2014-12-11T21:31:43Z



The trailer for the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  Havoc DLC Early Weapon
Access Trailer is available.

Early weapon access is available now!

Xbox Season Pass holders now have early access to the Havoc DLC Pack bonus weapons.
The AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its custom weapon variant, the AE4
Widowmaker, combine a versatile firing mechanism with all-around movement speed and handling.










gareth <![CDATA[What Sony Did Wrong With The Playstation 4 In 2014]]> 2014-12-10T06:03:58Z 2014-12-11T13:00:08Z Despite record sales of their Playstation 4 system, 2015 was not all roses for Sony as they experienced some setbacks in the first year of their system.

The year started with the company having issues meeting demand for the system. While this is a good thing, it did lead to some frustrations amongst fans, some of whom likely picked up the readily available Xbox One or the aggressively priced Wii U.

The system took some heat for the quality of the launch exclusives as games such as Knack and the latest Killzone did not light up fans they way that the company had hoped which forced Sony to rely on third party games to provide content for their system.

The arrival of Infamous: Second Son helped by bringing a quality exclusive to the system but aside from MLB14 and Little Big Planet 3, many fans were concerned that titles such as The Order:1886 were bumped to 2015 leaving no mega-exclusives for the Holiday Season and once again requiring system owners to go to third-party titles due to what was perceived as a lack of quality exclusives for the system after launch.

Playstation TV seemed like a good idea, the ability to stream movies, shows, and games, to another television without the need for a second console. Although smart in concept, the device has not caught on as the company had hoped and it remains to be seen what the long term plans for it will be.


The Playstation Network has had security issues and the company recently had a severe hack where several of its films reportedly were leaked online ahead of their planned release dates.

Combine this with some update issues that caused performance issues with the system players naturally had their concerns despite the increased measures Sony has taken to ensure data security and privacy.

The Playstation Camera is a nice piece of hardware but aside from Twitch, it does not seem to be getting much support. Hopefully with the launch of the share service this hardware will get more and more use as streaming is a very popular and with the share feature of the system, it would be nice to see more games take advantage of this feature in the future.

It may seem like a minor thing to list but the fact that the free version of Driveclub is still not available for PS+ members at this time. This is supposed to be a big exclusive to showcase the power of the system in a driving game format, and yet it has not made an appearance weeks after it was supposed to debut.

The Playstation Experience mainly focused on games we knew about.

Yes what was shown looked great but aside from Street Fighter V and a new Final Fantasy, most of the games announced were already known and the others were more of the remastered or indie variety.

I know E3 is the place for announcements, but how about a new Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal, or some other announcement of a new IP to build expectations for beyond 2015 as we have seen many of the big releases for next year already?

Sony is off to a great start with the PS4, but they need to focus on keeping the customers happy with content and not relying on third parties to provide for the system. The lineup in 2015 looks impressive and should help, but until then, we need a bit more to keep the excitement level up as we need games to play during the winter months, not trailers.



gareth <![CDATA[How Online Bingo Has Become King Of Online Gaming]]> 2014-12-10T17:04:21Z 2014-12-10T17:04:21Z For many people the mention of Bingo brings to mind memories of family game nights and casino halls filled with senior citizens hovering over multiple cards.

The game remains very popular and thanks to new ways to play online and via mobile devices, Bingo has found a new and larger audience and in doing so.

According to a recent article out of England, they claim that 85% of all players now play online and that players age from 18-100 years of age.

This means that only 15% of players play at Bingo halls with the vast majority of players being between 30-50 years old. Adding to the fact that it is estimated that there are over 100 million players worldwide and that roughly 80% of them are female, you can see the reason that the world of online Bingo is booming.

Online Bingo has become so popular, it is estimated that fewer and fewer players are going to Casinos to play mainly due to the attrition rate of older players who are being replaced by younger gamers who have taken to playing online for the ease and ability of being able to play anytime and anywhere.

Sites such as are making it easier for new players to get online as they can select the sites and games that are best suited for their style of play.

The ability to make money playing a game that people love is highly appealing and will rapidly grow as more and more of the stigmas and concerns about online gaming have faded over time.
So get online, there is a game waiting for you today.