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June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

One of the most impressive cinematic debuts in memory has arrived in theaters and showcases a very impressive writer/director team


June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

For newly promoted Homicide Detective Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd), life is about to take an unexpected twist that will leave

The Passion of the Christ

June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

Perhaps the most controversial film of our time “The Passion of the Christ” has arrived amidst much speculation and controversy.


June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

In 1980, America was in a state of transition and turmoil as political events threatened world stability. The Reagan era

Friday Night Lights

June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

For many small towns in America, the rituals surrounding football season have become so ingrained into the fabric of local


June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

Max (Jamie Foxx), is a man with ambition. He toils his evenings driving a cab in Los Angeles while dreaming

The Butterfly Effect

June 20th, 2008 | by simeon

For most people, childhood is a time filled mainly with happy memories of carefree playing, a loving family, and counting

The Incredible Hulk

June 12th, 2008 | by simeon

Raging inside Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is a monster waiting to be unleashed. Anyone familiar with the comic book

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