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Published on September 6th, 2020 | by minshewnetworks


Top 5 video games for those with weaker computers

Not everyone has the time or desire to play the most demanding video games. For those who have slightly weaker computers, there are plenty of great online porn games. However, for those of you who want your time to pass as fun as possible with some other type of games, here is a list of less demanding video games you can play.


Untitled Goose Game


The game with a specific name, which won numerous awards last year as the best indie achievement, works on many old configurations. You are put in the role of a goose of an evil nature, where, with the help of beak and wings, you will disturb people who are trying to look after their business. Untitled Goose Game brings you a list of tasks you have to do, some are easy, some difficult, but you are sure to have a sweet laugh while playing.


Tesla vs. Lovecraft


Here you will find the collision of two completely different worlds, on the one hand, the famous Tesla with his futuristic gadgets, and on the other, Lovecraft and his hordes of monsters. You play as Tesla, who has to save the world from a bunch of monsters that are relentlessly attacking, and at your disposal is the mighty Tesla-Mech, a machine that grinds enemies. In the break between using this machine, you have various weapons at your disposal, which become even more potent through upgrades. Tesla vs. Lovecraft has many levels on offer, and a good number of them are taut, so you will always be under pressure.


Papers, please


A great game that somehow ironically coincides with the current pandemic virus. Papers, Please puts you in the role of an official who decides who will enter a fictitious state and who you will reject. The goal is to let ordinary citizens, while you have to reject anyone who is suspicious to you or has terrible paperwork. The game is slow initially, and you can easily see even the smallest mistakes to those who forge passports, but as you progress, you have less and less time to check, and many mistakes will cost you your job. Following this game’s example, an excellent short film was made and available for viewing on the Youtube platform, so it is accessible as gay porn games without downloading.


Hollow Knight


Hollow Knight is a real gem of the indie scene, most comfortable to describe as a love letter aimed at developing games. Beautiful 2D graphics, a vast world to explore full of interesting characters and dangerous enemies, which there are over 130, with all 30 boss skirmishes, are just some of the things that await you in this game. The basic version of the game itself offers hours and hours of fun and gaming. Team Cherry has been continuously adding new free expansions in the previous period, with even more action and beautiful graphics.


Ministry of Broadcast


Here is a game of domestic production that appeared relatively recently. Thanks to impressive pixel-art graphics, the Ministry of Broadcast works on old machines without any problems. In front of you is a story inspired by the works of George Orwell, such as “1984”, in which you are placed in a reality show run by the state. To return to your loved ones, you have to go through testing, and at the same time, trample on the trust of other competitors, but that is simply the price you have to pay. In front of you is an excellent mix of platforming with black humor and landings.

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