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Published on May 27th, 2020 | by minshewnetworks


The Best UFC Games Ever Made

In the field of mixed martial arts, there is no question that the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship reigns supreme. And while MMA games have been popular for some time, we’ve made the executive decision to skip every other game but those that dedicate themselves exclusively to the UFC.

This leaves out some pretty good games, notably Pride Fighting Championships, but so be it. In our list of the top MMA games of all time, we’ve only included those that dedicated themselves to the UFC.

As UFC announcer Bruce Buffer might say, “This is the Main Event.”

The five we have chosen are:

  • UFC: Sudden Impact
  • UFC: Tapout
  • UFC Undisputed
  • UFC 2010 Undisputed
  • And UFC Undisputed 3

UFC: Sudden Impact

Why we like it…

UFC Sudden Impact came out in 2004, therefore the graphics and, in particular, the stiffness of the fighters is something that needs to be forgiven.

However, the reason we like it is that this is one of the first UFC games that transitions from merely a striking game to a solid ground game.

In short, one competitor can be beating the bejeesus out of another just like in real UFC fights and then suddenly be tapped out a minute later with a slick move.

UFC: Tapout

Why we like it…

Although primarily a punching and kicking game, what we like about UFC Tapout is that just as in real life, fighters can gas out in the Octagon if their kicks and punches are not used sparingly.

The 2002 Graphics are okay… Referee Big John McCarthy looks like an absolute unit refereeing the fights, but this is nevertheless a fun game to play on the original X-Box.

UFC: Undisputed

Why we like it…

The evolution of graphics in the UFC game sphere could not be more defined than in this 2009 game. While there are still a few cartoonish and sped up action sequences, UFC Undisputed does what it promises, which is to deliver a genuine UFC fight experience.

From the referees, the announcers, and more, you are transplanted into what feels like a genuine UFC fight. The bodies are slimmer and less bodybuilder looking, and the action is fluid and realistic. You can even spot blood on the canvas.

EA Sports UFC 3

Why we like it…

We are hard-pressed to find a better looking and more realistic UFC fight game than EA Sports UFC 3.

Coming out in February of 2018, the game emphasizes striking more than grappling or submissions, but where it falters somewhat at that, it excels in capturing the striking game flawlessly. Strikes are smooth and fluid, and there is plenty to like about this game.

UFC Undisputed 3

Why we like it…

This is our favorite UFC game, and the one UFC fight fans should consider buying first. Period.

There is still a little missing from the ground game, like with all of the titles on this list, but UFC Undisputed 3 is without a doubt the most complete, and realistic UFC game on the market.


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