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Published on March 24th, 2020 | by Guy Perry


Element Space

In the vein of games like XCOM and Shadowrun Returns, this point and click turn based adventure is really just more of the same. The graphics are pleasant, but even on a UHD TV, the resolution is poor. The user interface is clunky and it is obvious that it was intended to be played on PC. The story seems OK, though uninspired and lacks any real sense of immersion.

I could be being overly critical seeing as I am a big fan of turn based strategy, but this one just feels somehow incomplete.What I can say of the more positive aspects though, is choices do seem to actually have an impact on the overall outcome, even early on in the story. The tutorial experience is informative and is intuitive enough to learn how to play even without it.The combat system however is where the game really falls apart. I have only seen 3 conditions to hit an opponent.

These being 50% to hit, 100% to hit, and 0% to hit but can still damage the environment or cover. What we are looking at is just a really pretty game of rock paper scissors and that’s about it. Yes, some conditions will modify the outcome of a combat such as flanking, but overall, there just doesn’t seem to be much to it.

For a turn based tactical simulator, this is where it really drops the ball.I may find myself playing through the entirety of the story over some time, but while it does have some interesting elements, it mostly just feels like empty space.

2/5 stars


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