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Published on March 11th, 2020 | by gareth


The Hunt

The new film “The Hunt” has arrived after being delayed due to world events and controversy over the films content and themes.

The film involves a group of people who wake up gagged in a field and soon find themselves being hunted by a group of unknown individuals.

After a bloody and brutal initial encounter; the remaining individuals head out into the surrounding area and soon becomes a situation with far more questions than answers.

One of the Hunted is Crystal (Betty Gilpin) deduces that things are much more complex then they seem and things take a turn in a new direction.

At this point in the film I was thinking that it was lacking any real tension or suspense as the characters were not overly developed and it made investing in their outcome difficult. The film then changes direction and looks at events of the past and also explains more about the Hunters and their motivations which is somewhat unexpected.

The film is a very difficult one to review as people will expect it to be an Action/Suspense film based on the trailers. That is really just a small part of the story which is actually closer to a Dark Comedy with heavy political overtones.

Those overtones are likely to be very controversial and may put people off from seeing the film. During my post-screening comments I said that I am going to need some time to wrap my head around this film as to if I liked it or not. It is easy to dismiss it as propaganda but it is an interesting hybrid that regardless of where you stand; does make you think.

2.5 stars out of 5


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