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Published on January 24th, 2020 | by gareth


The Gentleman

Review by Trevor Scaggs

This movie starts out with a bang, literally. Within the first 60 seconds of the movie a shot is fired, blood is on a beer mug, and your attention has been captured immediately.


Matthew McConaughey’s (Mickey Pierson) new comedy, “The Gentlemen”, co-starring a scene-stealing Hugh Grant (Fletcher), is a hilarious movie about a street-smart American who attended Oxford and gradually earned the respect, and money, of aristocratic Brits. He used them to help build an empire made of marijuana in which McConaughey sits on top of the metaphoric throne.


This wild and crazy story is told by Fletcher, who recounts the dark comic events to Ray (Charlie Hunnam), Mickey’s right hand man and head of security, while trying to extort him for millions of pounds. Pay up, or the information will be leaked to the British press. The incriminating intel that details how Mickey and his men, while trying to sell his lucrative empire to an affluent billionaire, became responsible for a few unplanned murders.


The first half hour of the movie moves a bit quickly and I had no idea what was going on. Between drug deals, jokes, accents, and slang that we never hear in the states, there was very little clarity. That said what makes this Guy Ritchie film so ultimately satisfying is that in the end all the pieces fall together seamlessly and it was well worth the wait.


4/5 stars

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