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Published on January 16th, 2020 | by Sean Larson



Robert Downey Jr. returns to the screen after retiring from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Dr. Dolittle. Set after the death of his wife, Dolittle has become a recluse from society. The arrival of a young boy and a request from the Queen draws Dolittle back out and onto an adventure. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance was impeccable, but the banter and wittiness of the dialogue between the animal characters (voiced by the likes of Emma Thompson, John Cena, Rami Malek, Craig Robinson, and Octavia Spencer) kept the comedy rolling.

The flaws of the movie come out in it’s pacing, where obvious issues with portions of the plot being left on the cutting room floor and the need for re-shoots become apparent. The rivalry between Dolittle and Dr. Blair Mudfly (Michael Sheen) has its moments, but gets lost in the jump between portions of the story.

Overall, the saving grace of the movie is light-hearted story, with enough humor and comedy for both adults and children mixed into the dialogue. If it hadn’t been chopped up as much in post-production, it could have been a smash hit.

Overall 3 out of 5 stars.


Second review by

Jennifer Fiduccia

The new Universal Studios movie Dr. Dolittle stars Robert Downey Jr as Dr. Dolittle, Antonio Banderas as King Rassouli, Michael Sheen as Dr. Mudfly, Emma Thompson as Poly, Jessie Buckley as Queen Victoria, and a host of other well-known stars as the voices of the animals, including John Cena, Ralph Fiennes and Selna Gomez. Dolittle is directed by Stephen Gaghan

Dr. Dolittle is a charming movie.

The audience is taken on a wonderful adventure across oceans and far away kingdoms in search of a magical cure for young Queen Victoria.

Robert Downey Jr. does a phenomenal job in portraying Dr. Dolittle. He plays the role with emotion and charm. His life has been sad since the passing of his wife, and he secludes himself with the only beings he wants to have contact with, his animal menagerie. He is interrupted in his solitude by a request from the palace to find a cure for young Queen Victoria who has been poisoned.

Dr. Dolittle and his animal menagerie set off on an epic adventure to hunt down the one thing that might save the Queen, the sap from a tree that Dolittles late wife has been researching. On the way, they must get around the nefarious Dr. Blair Mudfly, and Rassouli the king of pirates.

Younger viewers are sure to be kept engaged, as the movie is fast paced and they will not have the chance to be bored. The audience are sure to be pleased with the vitality and humor that each role brings to the film.

The movie is perfect for families to view together and everyone will enjoy it.

I would easily give Dr. Dolittle a 4 out of 5 rating.


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