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Published on October 21st, 2019 | by Neil Jordan



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One of the things that draws me to movies more than most other aspects is that regardless of the genre, style, director, producer, writer, production company, etc. Movies and films offer us a break. A temporary escape if you will from the day-to-day reality of life. Every once in a while though, there are ‘realities’ that we have to stare dead in the eye and come to grips with. Even if it might be something that has a bearing on our past or perhaps our future. Perhaps on the past or future of those who are important to us. Today’s film for your consideration is an investigative documentary that tries to get to the bottom of the educational crisis currently going on in America today. I’ve known about this for years and could quite possibly be considered a ‘casualty’ of this crisis so as you might have already surmised, this film hit a bit close to home.


‘Unlikely’ is a documentary film by directors Adam Fenderson and Jaye Fenderson Of Three Frame Media. The film interviews current and former college students from Akron, Ohio … Atlanta, Georgia … Boston, Massachusetts … And Los Angeles, California as well as members of their families. The film goes into detail and chronicles the uphill battles that students from working class families face as their children attempt to navigate the education system and in an effort to get into colleges in universities. The students interviewed are clearly brighter than average and extremely intelligent who excelled in school and achieved excellent if not, superior SAT scores.


Yet, when it came time to apply for college all that hard work and effort seemed to be brushed aside to make way for students from wealthy families who either had a ‘legacy history’ at a prestigious university or who came from families that donated generously to said universities. The film also goes into detail regarding how these prestigious and Ivy League schools go about securing funds and in relation to other colleges and university where ‘legacies’ don’t necessarily have a guarantee of getting into college. If it seems like many students are set-up to fail or are encouraged to drop-out, you’re not imagining things at all. The film makes explain in no uncertain terms how that is exactly what is going on throughout much of the college level educational system. There is a bright side to the film though as the film makers also explore alternatives that some colleges and universities are participating in in an attempt to put the brakes on this growing ‘educational divide’.


If you are a student and you’re preparing for college, don’t call it quits and give-up. It’s an uphill battle to be sure. However, there could very well be a light at the end of the tunnel. I would highly recommend this film as insight into how you might circumvent the current obstacles facing you. If you’re someone who has a younger family member that is on the verge of completing their public education and is exploring possibly options for college, this would be a good film to watch with them for the same reason. This might sound cheesy on my part but your education in the long term is no laughing matter. I’d very much recommend this film. It might just be a stepping stone to a choice that might make all the difference.


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