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Published on October 10th, 2019 | by gareth


Enchanting Destinations in Hollywood

Hollywood has a very prominent reputation all over the world. It is known for its exclusiveness and is one of a kind place. The place may be neglected now but it still has that exquisite beauty that speaks of the old charismatic hotels and hangouts of the celebrities. There are still developing landscapes and scenes that you saw in some classic old films.


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There are some breathtaking places that you should definitely visit while on a trip to Hollywood. They include:


Chinese Theatre

As the name suggests, the place is a theatre to watch films. It has been renovated since 2013 and opened again only recently. However, Chinese Theater is more popular for hand and/or foot imprints of about 200 Hollywood celebrities. According to the legends, Norma Talmadge stepped on wet cement by mistake, on a construction site. The owner of the theatre repeated the gesture with other celebrities and thus a custom was made. The courtyard is generally crowded with tourists, but you can enjoy the cultural heritage of the place inside the theatre; the quality of the screen is as good as of any megamall and the structure is even more beautiful.




Constructed by the same person who built the Chinese Theater, the Egyptian Theater is a not-for-profit company. It was restored in 1998 by the American Cinematheque. The theatre is known for organising themed festivals occasionally and hosting Q/A with celebrities. It is also involved in indie cinema and classic films. The place has a tradition of showing experimental videos and short films.


Lake Hollywood Park


You might have seen a huge sign of ‘HOLLYWOOD’ in many movies. This is the place, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the same. Lake Hollywood Park is located in the hills but above the walking paths of Hollywood Reservoir. Below you might find an assembly of people for sightseeing. There is a small playground with shades over the benches where you can sit and enjoy the landscape and hill view of the site.


Universal Studios and CityWalk


Universal has given some of the best movies of the time. So, it would be a thrilling opportunity for you to visit the studios of production. There is this theme park where you can enjoy some wild rides; the stage-shows and 3D movies have their own charm and Harry Potter fans would have special Wizarding World for them. The studio tour would be the most interesting and time taking activity. Here, you will also see some film setups from your favourite classic films.



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