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Published on September 27th, 2019 | by gareth


Which Games Console should You Think About Buying Next?

If you want to buy a new games console, then you need to make sure that you make the best decision. This is easier said than done, but if you look into each console properly then you should have no problem finding one that is perfect for your requirements.

Sony PS4 Pro

The Sony PS4 Pro is quite possibly the best version of the PS4. It’s the most popular platform on the market and it is able to support HDR 10 compatibility. It’s also able to support 4K too. On top of all this, PS4 are known for having a pretty extensive library so if you want a plug and play console then you certainly won’t be disappointed when you choose this as your console of choice. A lot of games are available on both the PS4 and the Xbox One, but you should note that the PS4 comes with a more exclusive library. They also have access to Japanese RPGs and indie games too. The Xbox One isn’t able to offer this, so that’s certainly something that you should take into account. The PS4 Pro makes your favourite games look absolutely stunning. Sure, the Xbox One X is even more powerful but the exclusives for the Xbox One just aren’t as popular. If you do decide to go with the Playstation, then you will soon find that you get the option to buy the VR as well. This is the most affordable VR headset around and it’s able to offer you a fantastic experience. Microsoft have confirmed that they are not going to release a VR headset for the Xbox One X.


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Xbox One X

The Xbox One X comes with a 4K Blu-Ray player and it is also able to support HDR content too. This gives you access to a whole new level of gaming with high-resolution video. The Xbox One X is known for being one of the most powerful consoles ever to be released. It’s able to run 4K games better and faster than anything else. If you want to play games while also being able to watch movies at the highest image quality possible then this is certainly the right choice for you. Sony led the way for the mid-generation update by releasing the PS4 Pro. The Xbox brand offers much better hardware. It’s got the same HDR and 4K Blu-Ray player when you look at the Xbox One S but at the same time, it’s also able to offer game enhancement too. The Xbox One X has proven time and time again that it is able to add more horsepower and it is able to make any game look better. They have also invested more in first-party studios. This includes providers such as Rare, who are known for releasing their game Sea of Thieves. If you are yet to make the jump to 4K gaming, then you should know that the Xbox One S and the Playstation 4 are great options with vast libraries. The Xbox One X on the other hand is able to offer titles such as Halo, Forza and Gears of War, which are very popular, each in their own right.

Nintendo Switch

If you want to stay safe while gaming then the Nintendo Switch is for you. It bridges the gap between handheld and home consoles and there isn’t much communication between you and other players either. Nintendo didn’t want to change how you use a console, but more where you use it. The best thing about the Switch is that it is a hybrid console that is able to plug into a television. You can also use it handheld too. Sure, it isn’t able to handle 4K content and it is also known for having a slower refresh rate too, but that being said you can still play all of your favourite games and it’s a great way for you to entertain yourself while on the go. The Switch is also known for having top titles such as Super Mario Odyssey and even the Legend of Zelda. There are plenty of new games in the pipeline and the platform itself is very well-rounded. The experience that it is able to offer is very different for everyone and they even have their own VR kit.

The headset comes from Labo and it is designed to try and get younger players onboard with the platform. It gives you the chance to create new gadgets for the system and it uses the screen on the Switch rather than a full VR headset. If you plan on using your Switch in handheld mode only then you may want to opt for the Lite version. This lacks television support and it doesn’t come with the docking station either. The battery life on the other hand is better and it is compatible out of the box with every Switch game that is out there. The Switch really is a great companion console if you already happen to own an Xbox One X or even a PS4 Pro. The console is able to offer games that are not available for the PS4 or even Xbox, and this is one of the many reasons why so many people are opting for this over other classic models.

Of course, choosing a gaming console is never easy but if you are willing to take your time and if you do your research then you will soon find that it is now easier than ever for you to make the right decision. If you need to know anything else about your gaming console, then it helps to look up reviews and to also find out if there are any upcoming titles available too. This will help you to be more informed and it will also help you to find out if there are going to be any future changes that align with your way of gaming. Your local game shop should be able to help you to make your decision too, so do keep that in mind.




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