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Published on September 18th, 2019 | by gareth


The Impact E-learning is Having On Business

E-learning is becoming more and more popular, and many businesses are utilising it as a way to train their employees without blowing their budget. This could be a smart way to improve the skills of your team without spending big money. Take a look at the impact E-learning is having on business to figure out whether it’s something you should do.


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  1. Reduce The Cost Of Your Corporate Training

By using e-learning rather than traditional training, you could save thousands upon thousands on the cost it takes to train up your staff. Focusing on cash flow is important, not just in the way you make money but in the way you can save it too.


  1. Improve Your Bottom Line

Some courses and methods may claim to be groundbreaking, but that’s no good if it isn’t actually helping you to improve your bottom line. Many studies actually found that e-learning can create 26% more revenue per each employee!


  1. Improved Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged is one of the most crucial parts of running a business. If your team are not happy, then you’ll likely experience higher turnover and more issues in the long run, having to retrain and rehire over and over again. Companies that utilize e-learning to train their team are currently seeing around an 18% improvement in engagement. This means they are happier, doing more work, and doing it to a higher quality. Employees can make or break your company, so making sure they are happy and empowered is key. You could look into learning analytics providers to begin with, or something else that you believe will boost the engagement of your team.


  1. Get A Competitive Advantage Over Similar Businesses

You will be benefiting your company by training and educating your staff, and overall, this will give you a competitive advantage when comparing you to other companies in your field. If you want to set your company and team apart from the rest, then training could be the ideal way to do that. People in the pool of talent that are looking to work for businesses like yours will also be more likely to apply to you when they see how you polish and treat your workforce. Your competitors will be able to choose from the same pool, so make sure these people aim to work for a business like yours. Developing capabilities through training has numerous benefits to both your business and the people working for it.


Conclusion: Is E-learning Right For Your Team?

As you can see, e-learning is having a huge impact on businesses all over the world. Staff are becoming more capable, and feel more engaged within the company. Businesses are enjoying better cash flow and more profit, and clients are receiving a better quality of product/service. The benefits are endless. If you’ve been looking for a way to train staff, improve your business, create better staff loyalty and keep your clients happy, you may have found it.


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