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Published on September 18th, 2019 | by gareth


Halloween Horror Nights 2019: Universal Studios Hollywood

Thank you to Ryan and Shaton Eltiste for doing the coverage again this year and for the great videos and pictures.

As fall begins to set on us moving us closer to the end of the year, we were filled with joy as we walked through the gates of Universal Studios entering the darkened scare zone with fog, creepy noises and

As fall begins to set on us moving us closer to the end of the year, we were filled with joy as we walked through the gates of Universal Studios entering the darkened scare zone with fog, creepy noises and music and scary characters creeping alongside of you startling you every time they see the opportunity.  The crowd was great and the ambiance was even better with the decorative excellence that only Universal can do along with scared screams from the patrons all throughout the park.


Each maze was such a fun experience and different from one another.  Walking dead gives you the feeling that you are in the show, as we walked through the maze with zombies jumping out at you from every direction.  Other of our favorite mazes were Ghostbusters which was fun to go back to the days of Winston, Peter, Ray, Egon and of course Slimmer and walk through a maze that decorations kept us in awe and every turn kept us on our feet in anticipation of getting startled.  Killer clowns from outer space was my personal favorite.  As most of the mazes are dark, this one was bright with neon colors and I found it to be very humorous and creepy at the same time.  All of the mazes were enjoyable from the previously mentioned to US, Stranger things, Curse of Pandora’s box, Holidayz in Hell, House of 1000 corpses, Frankenstein meets the Wolf man and creep show.


They all had their special appeal, indulging all of our senses from sight, costumes and sets were only as Universal can do, hearing, the audio was clear as a bell as every maze was highlighted with the sounds of the environment we were exploring, smell, was apparent and really stuck out as in one of the mazes we walked by a bathroom scene and the smell was terrifically awful, touch, though you aren’t to reach out and grab or touch anyone or anything, we were welcomed by water squirting out at us to substitute blood which was very startling and refreshing at the same time as we went on a warmer night.  Lastly, taste, while you couldn’t taste anything while going through the mazes, we were delighted to have some of the specialties brought out just for the Halloween Horror Nights.


My wife and I shared a Cherry Cola Corn Dog that left me wanting for more, tasty Mac and Cheese and our favorite Cocoon doughnut.  A jelly filled doughnut with Cotton Candy smashed on top of it.  It was so big that even with us sharing it, I had enough to take home and it for my late night cravings.

My one and only complaint that we had is there was no Terror Tram this year and that is usually the highlight of our evening.


Universal Halloween Horror Nights always has a special place in our hearts as we have attended every year for the past 11 and can’t wait to go again next year.



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