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Published on September 15th, 2019 | by minshewnetworks


Spider-Man leaving the MCU

Before continuing, mild spoiler warning for those hardcore fans who somehow didn’t already watch the latest Spider-Man movie, though, if things turn out to be as dire as it seems, these spoilers might end up not being important at all. Anyhow, if you were surfing the web these days even if you aren’t a fan, and especially if you are, you’ve probably run into the information stating Disney and Sony couldn’t get into an agreement regarding Spider-Man and his stay in the MCU. Apparently, Disney asked for a bigger cut in a new contract which Sony refused. On one side, people are blaming Sony for being selfish and greedy, not wanting to acknowledge Disney actually made “Spidey” work and created best movies with that character to date.

Of course, the other side blames Disney, also for being greedy, for having unrealistic expectations when it comes to sharing the profit, etc. No matter which side are you on, the reality stays as is and we have little to no say in the whole ordeal. You could blame both of those companies for “ruining the fun” but you also have to understand that they do business and all of that was (probably) nothing personal. Us diehard fans can only hope they end up reconciling for the sake of the franchise and for the sake of the whole MCU considering it’s one of the biggest things in the modern movie history. Now, regarding Spider-Man himself, I’m pretty sure fans almost unanimously want him to stay in the MCU and don’t want the franchise rebooted yet again. After all, Uncle Ben can only die so many times, right? This is the third version of Spider-Man coming to big screens and, according to many, one of the best. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man still remains in hearts of older fans as one true web-slinger but the third movie left a lot to be desired and people generally agree that, while Tobey did great as the awkward Peter Parker, he wasn’t as “quippy” as Spider-Man is when wearing the suit.

On the other hand, Andrew Garfield struck many as a great iteration of Spidey, with catchy lines, interesting acting and even amazing shots of traversing the streets of a city slinging webs. Just the nerdy guy you’d think would play best lesbian sex games in his spare time. However, his films lacked in script and storytelling. The situation was so bad that his saga ended after only two movies. After all that, we finally got the MCU Spider-Man. Sony made a deal with Disney and we got a perfect blend of awkward Peter Parker and playful, interesting Spider-Man with Tom Holland. Not only that but he immediately became part of the whole universe and a major player at that. With a nailbiting cliffhanger with which last Spider-Man movie left us, we can only hope to we get to see how it plays out while we’re left off playing free online porn games and waiting to see what’s next.

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