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Published on August 31st, 2019 | by gareth


The Avengers: Hands On PAX West 2019

While covering PAX West 2019; we got the chance to play the Pre-Alpha version of the pending Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics.

The demonstration had us start as Thor and we had to smash our way through a swarm of enemies with a flurry of moves and special powers.  Iron Man was up next and being able to fly and take enemies down with a Repulsor Beam was was great fun.  Taking down enemies with my chest beam really allowed me to level the playing field in a hurry.

The Hulk was up next and between his massive leaps, Thunder Clap, and grabbing enemies to smash into others; this was a very satisfying character.

Captain America was up next and a series of athletic moves, shield throws and impacts was what we experienced. The combat was very smooth and free-flowing and reminded me a lot of Arkham Asylum in the way the combat was free-flowing and nimble.  Last up was Black Widow, and while she did not have the power of the other characters we played, her adroit moves and dual pistols did allow for some great tactics.

After the demo we were given a presentation that outlined the story of the game and how their will be a solo campaign mode and up to Four Players in an online mode. Players will be able to upgrade and customize their characters and we were told that more characters and customization would be available.

The game is lots of fun and shows lots of promise and we look forward to seeing more of the game as it gets closer to release.

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