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Talking Preacher With Graham McTavish

As part of our coverage of Preacher on the AMC Network; I spoke with Graham McTavish about what we can expect this season as well as his careeer.


What can you tell us about the upcoming season and filming in Australia?

This season is Preacher dialed to the max! I think fans will be very pleased with how they wrap everything up. As a fan myself of the books, I’m very happy with the Saint’s conclusion.  Australia was wonderful to film in. The locations were perfect for the world that Preacher moves into for its conclusion.


How would you say your character has evolved over the seasons?

He has learned to adapt, and he has learned who his real enemies are. He is not above manipulating others for his own purposes but the Saint continues to be guided by an iron will to avenge what happened to his family, and to lay responsibility at the feet of those who really pulled the strings. We also see a more vulnerable Saint towards the end. And, dare I say it, a man possessed of a black humor.


How would you compare your costume in Preacher to the outfits in Outlander?

Preacher and Outlander both gave me the opportunity to fulfill dreams of being a cowboy and skilled highland warrior. In Australia, a leather duster coat, hat, boots and woolen trousers was not the most relaxing outfit in 100 degree temperatures. I envied Ian Coletti his shorts, but not his prosthetic!


How much more action does your character have this year vs past seasons?

I think the body count is pretty high and I have a truly epic final battle. Very satisfying!


What have been some of the biggest challenges you faced this year vs past seasons?

Knowing that it was our last season meant I had to deal with the sadness of that, but also the satisfaction and pride in a story well told.


Although your character is often trying to take them out, how much interaction do you have with the rest of the cast when not filming?


I saw some of them socially, but often over the last four years I meet an actor who by the end of the week I’ve killed in the show. It doesn’t build long lasting friendships!!!!

As a follow up; any particular moments stand out?

The final fight in Episode 10is a stand out for me, and trying not to laugh while working with Ian Colletti


Can you share some of your fondest memories of attending the show?

The first time I rode into the western town dressed in my duster and hat and boots, riding my horse, echoing great moments of heroes of mine from westerns of the past. As a boy from Scotland you don’t ever expect that particular dream to come true!


Are you happy with the arch of your character this season and any things you wish you would have been able to change to further explore?

I’m very happy with the Saint. It’s been a fascinating exploration of intensity coupled with with economy of movement and speech.


What do you like to do in your free time and how often do you get back to Scotland?

I’m visiting Scotland now. I get back as often as I can. I love outdoor pursuits, cycling, archery, clay shooting, as well as reading books, history and fiction.


Since I have family from outside the area they will not let me off unless I ask; Rangers or Celtics?

The diplomatic answer, in order to avoid offending one or other, is I’m a fan of Partick Thistle!


While your character is essentially dead in Outlander; in later books his son with Geilis does make an appearance is there a flashback opportunity – What was it like filming something that highlighted the history of your culture?

The beauty of a show that allows time travel is that anything can happen.  We shall see….


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