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Published on July 18th, 2019 | by gareth


4 Must-watch Gambling Movies of All Time

Gambling and poker movies are always among the top-rated genres of box office hits. They are very much loved by people. Who would not enjoy watching bagging a lot of money with skills and a lot of styles? Another reason why people love these kinds of movies is that the hustle and fruitful ending even after a lot of hurdles. If you are a Poker pro and love to play pay by phone slot games, then, you should add these top-rated and top-grossing poker-based movies. These movies will motivate you and help you to save yourself from risky bets, tricksters and other things that could ruin your winning streak.


Ocean’s Eleven

It is an iconic movie which was loved by people and so, there were more parts added into its series. The movie is based on a plotline of revenge and looting 3 casinos in one night. A person, who freshly comes out of jail, decides to take revenge on a casino owner who had him locked up. He makes his crew of ten other people who actually made this movie a star-studded cast. The group of eleven people rob three big casinos in just one night.


Casino Royale

This movie has one of the most jaw-dropping plots in history. The director has maintained the breakneck speed of the story in the entire film. The furiousness and unexpected turns at every moment will make you sit tight in front of your screen. If you want to enjoy some classic scenes from a casino game with intellectual and tricky moves as well as all-or-nothing bets then, you should add this movie to your watch list. The lead characters have been played by some iconic and world-renowned popular actors whom you’ll find hard to miss in these roles.


The Cincinnati Kid

To date, this is one of the best movies in the genre of gambling and Poker storylines, particularly when it comes to the performance of the stars. The actors have played their roles in a tremendously awesome way, especially the one who played The Kid. However, the plotline is based on the Kid who has an exceptional talent of gambling and has a good hand in backroom games. He competes against another player, whose role is played by another star woman; she makes a serious competition for him. The storyline accelerates by both of them raising their stakes higher and higher until the awestruck finale when none of them wins.


The Hangover

This movie is a full package of best and unexpected life experiences of a group of four friends. The movie starts with a road trip to Las Vegas where they celebrate the bachelor party of one of them. Obviously, when it is Vegas, there is a lot of gambling and money involved. They engage in gambling worth $82,400 playing Blackjack. This huge win turns into unexpected and disastrous events which make the storyline adventurous and thrilling.

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