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Published on June 28th, 2019 | by Joseph Saulnier


Captain Cat

Cats rule!  Seriously.  Just ask the crazy cat lady that lives with me, err…  I mean my wife (cue Doug Benson).  Cats are natural fisher… cats?  Right?  And who doesn’t like a great puzzle game.  So why not have all three.  Mobile users have been living with this kind of excitement for a while now, and they have finally let us console games have some fun as well.

Joking aside, Captain Cat (“CC”), which originally launched on iOS and Android, has made its way to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.  With a price tag of $6.99 on both platforms, the big question is, is a mobile to console port even worth that price tag?

CC is super easy to pick up and play with its simplified control scheme.  Playing as the titular character, your end goal is to catch fish using your… anchor?  The game starts pretty simple, but introduces new obstacles and adversaries to add to the challenge as you progress.  With 4 game modes available, there seems to be plenty to do.

Waspfish, the main came mode, has you making your way through 25 levels of casting your anchor, dodging obstructions and catching fish.  Watch for those enemies though, as getting hit could cause you to restart your level.  Housekeeper is another mode, also having 25 levels, and it’s essentially the same as Waspfish.  It has subtle differences including enemies, and your end goal being to catch a snail that can hide in its shell.  Try to catch him while he’s hiding and you’ll have to restart the level.  As with many games on mobile, you are scored on your performance on each level in both modes.  Your aim is to try and nab a three-star rating by completing the level as fast as possible, in as little moves as possible, while collecting all the coins you can.

Our third mode, Infinite, is exactly what it sounds like.  The Captain casts out into the sea where your goal is to get as deep as you possibly can while dodging obstacles and enemies.  The final mode is called Perfect.  This is by far the most difficult of the game modes.  Getting only one cast of your anchor, you restart the level if you miss.  It requires some trial and error, but the challenge was welcome and a great mode to get you to think strategy in where to cast.

These combination of modes should keep you occupied for a few ours, and are great for a quick pick up and play game when you only have a few minutes to sneak in some gaming.  However, I question why you wouldn’t just pick up your phone and play it on there if it’s a game you really want to play. Although a quick look showed me that the game is no longer on the Play Store and can only be side-loaded via APK from other sources.  I cannot speak to the availability on iOS.

Overall, Captain Cat is a fun puzzle game (which is surprisingly missing any sort of leaderboard) that provided some challenging moments and kept me engaged while I was playing.  So now we get back to our question at hand.  Is it worth the $6.99 price tag?  If it’s on the Switch, I would say go for it.  It’s the version I reviewed, but it also seems to make much more sense to be able to carry the game with you and play anywhere, versus the stationary nature of the Xbox One.

4 out of 5


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