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Published on June 21st, 2019 | by minshewnetworks


Why Men Like Curvy Women

Beauty is a concept everybody perceives differently. For some, beauty is the 90-60-90 standard, some like very thin girls, others prefer overweight ladies. Nowadays, the cult of curvy women gains in popularity; more and more overweight ladies become plus-size models and attract men from all around the world.

Unlike previous trends, a new fashion trend teaches you loving your body as it is and taking care of it. bbw dating and singles becomes more and more widespread; an increasing number of men are willing to date plump girls. Round shapes shouldn’t be gotten with the help of fast food; most plus-size models promoting the cult of a healthy body do sports regularly and eat healthy balanced meals.


Why Plump Girls Are Attractive

Historically and culturally, female round curves have always been a sign of health. Now, the sexual revolution which began in the 70s is coming to its end. More and more people start creating big families, while femininity becomes a nowadays trend. All those who find it hard to love their body because of extra pounds should just ask for men’s opinions; most of them still prefer real women: curvy and sexy.

It’s impossible to unambiguously answer the question of what kind of women men prefer: plump or skinny. Everyone has their own taste, etalons, and preferences. But all men are similar; they want to see a well-groomed, cheerful, funny and self-confident girl next to them.



There are already a lot of examples from the celebrities and ordinary people lives where a man marries a woman with curves, but for some reason, plump ladies are still concerned about their appearance and often blame their weight for personal life failures. Men like plump women, respect and admire them no less than the models from the catwalks! And here are the main reasons for that:

  1. The girl with curves looks feminine. Men like plump women who take care of their appearance. Well-groomed and feminine ladies are always appealing regardless of their weight.
  2. For lots of men, plump girls are someone who can inspire confidence and make sure they are going to be good mothers of their future children. Big breasts and wide hips at the instinctive level are associated with the ability to bear and give birth to a healthy child.
  3. Men are often too attached to their mothers. And when comes the time for creating a family, they try to find a second mother who will take care of them rather than a beloved woman, and a plump girl often elicits just such an association.


Although people say men love with their eyes, in fact, their hearts are won by different means. For any man, it’s important to see the way a woman treats him, while an appearance and other’s opinions are relegated to the background when it comes to love. So what, dear ladies? Let’s stop suffering from extra pounds, but rather become more feminine and learn to love yourself. Take care of yourself, then you will be able to win the heart of any decent man.


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