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Published on April 15th, 2019 | by gareth


Has Sony Been Unusually Quiet Of Late

With the recent conclusion of PAX East; the gaming world now prepares for E3 and all the reveals that will be announced leading up to; and at the show.

While we do know that Sony will not do their showcase nor have their usual space on the convention floor; they have been rather quiet of late.

Yes we have their State of Play streams where they announce new games and give updates, but aside from Day’s Gone’ it is very quiet on  the Playstation news front.

There have been rumors that a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn is on the way for the next system and of course we can all look forward to The Last of Us 2; but aside from a spate of PSVR games and some previously announce titles it has been very quiet.

Now I have no doubt that Sony has a master plan in place but it does seem odd to me that they may go into E3 and let their top competitor Microsoft reveal a new console and a new slate of games without having a rebuttal in place.

I would expect Sony to release an expanded State of Play stream either before, during or shortly after E3 as I would think they would not want to miss an opportunity to promote their new offerings and let their competition gain ground.

Sony however is very shrewd and may simply be content to let the competition reveal their cards and then let anticipation build until they are ready to do their big reveals which many believe will happen at the PSX.

Regardless of when and where they make their announcements, it has been unusually quiet in the Sony camp and one can only expect they are planning some amazing reveals down the road.


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