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Published on April 1st, 2019 | by gareth


PAX East 2019 Images

Here are some pictures from our coverage of PAX east 2019.

Thanks to Mina Reinckens for covering and providing the pictures.

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Cosplay Details Are Below

 Alison Jeffery, Philly Fusion Brigitte (overwatch)
Zachary McInuley, Caboose (Red vs. Blue)
Salem, Tsakuyomi
Geraldo Duran, Final Boss Veigar
Christopher Kmieciak (burning souls cosplay), Infernal Drake (League of Legends)
Theresa Schiavore (@_estabo), Mountain Drake (League of Legends)
 Sammie Talmadge (@caketastrophe_cosplay), Cloud Drake (League of Legends)
 Catherine Gravereaux (@kyasarin.cosplay), Ocean Drake (League of Legends)
 Haley Lovato (@mothchildcc), murk wolf (League of Legends)
 Matt Rauch (@thesmiteguy), Smite (League of Legends)
Alexander Pon (@rogue_angel.cosplay), Red Buff / Red Bramble Pack
Jamie Stonedead and Jules Stone, Big Sister and Little Sister (BioShock)
Jessica Scafidi (@thedragonesscosplay), Bowsette
 @Spoonmakes, Molten score Torbjorn (Overwatch)
 @turnfolio, Simone (Neir automata)
 @iamweebtrash, Calamus (One Shot)
 @Ribosecosplay, Allola (One Shot)
 Tiffany Easterwood and Brent Merkel, DJ Sona and Mecha Kha’zix
 Kate Lindsay, Jolteon (Pokémon)
 Lydia Forti, She Ra (She Ra and the Princesses I’d Power)


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