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Published on February 14th, 2019 | by gareth


Fantom XSTOR Hard Drive

As anyone who has ever owned a game console will tell you; storage concerns are a very real problem. With more and more content being delivered via digital means and as such; requiring more Hard Drive Space; it forces gamers to make hard choices.

Combine this fact with games becoming larger and larger; as well as their updates; and gamers can soon find themselves having to decide what stays and what goes in order to make way for the latest releases. Some people opt to store them on a removable drive but then they run the risk of losing it, forgetting what is on the drive, and so on.

Thankfully Xbox One X owners can look forward to easy memory options with the XSTOR from Fantom. The stylish unit connects to the Xbox One X system and allows users and extra 1TB of Storage which can be even greater as there are units available with an even greater storage capacity.

The device is an easy setup and does not radically alter the profile of the Xbox One X as it fits on top of the system to provide easy options.

Being able to store multiple games on the Fantom drive versus erasing games from the Hard Drive is a great benefit to gamers and the Price of the unit will not leave a hole in your wallet.

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