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Published on January 1st, 2019 | by gareth


Nukes Have Been Disabled In Fallout 76

While playing Fallout 76 today my group attempted to launch a Nuke but discovered an unpleasant New Year’s Day Surprise. It seems that all launch codes disappeared on December 31st and all prior codes have been disabled. There are no new codes available so no Nukes can be launched at all. The bunkers have become sealed as well so players are unable to gain access.  There was some belief this was due to an event but now that has reportedly been dismissed as the reason. It seems that others have this issue as well from a report on Reddit.


Meanwhile Bethesda posted this on Twitter.



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3 Responses to Nukes Have Been Disabled In Fallout 76

  1. stevo says:

    Come on, bethesda, you still have a chance to make things properly:
    – disable real money, make caps easier to obtain
    -find a way to have some stupid phantom serve as an npc, to give new quests (instead of a tape)
    – disable servers
    -disable multiplayer
    – quickly create 2 or 3 npc friends that can walk with us, and defend us/attack, when we say ‘attack’
    -create a new end (even stupid, but something we can actually call an end…like a huge spider, the size of a city, that suddenly appears from inside a huge mountain…

    Do that, and in 3 months, when it is done, i promise i will pay full price for the game !

    Damn, what could have been a success story, with at least 20 million copies sold in consoles and 5-10 millions on pc.. if it was offline, single player, even if there was a few things we could buy with real money. . That would have been fine. ..
    But the greed was such, they had to make it online only, in order to implement the micro transactions!

  2. Dave Geary says:

    Sounds like some people need to just wait until FallOut 5 comes out. Until then, I will continue to enjoy Fallout 76
    Bugs and all.

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