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Published on December 18th, 2018 | by gareth



In a tale as vast and epic as the Oceans that frames the story: “Aquaman” has arrived in a flurry of action and adventure.

The film tells the origin of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), who is half mortal and half Atlantean, thanks to his human father rescuing his mother, an Atlantean royal, and falling in love.

The love between his parents is forbidden under the customs of the people of Atlantis and in time his mother is forced to return to Atlantis, leaving Arthur to be raised by his human father.

When his power-hungry half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson), plots to wage war on the surface world, Princess Mera (Amber Heard), attempts to convince Arthur to make his first trip to Atlantis to challenge Orm for the throne and become king.  Naturally a lifetime of resentment toward the people who divided his parents has made Arthur unwilling to help, especially when the key to victory requires locating and retrieving an artfact that will bring peace to
his people and those of the surface world.

With an army of Atlantean soldiers pursuing him as well as the evil Black Manta set on revenge, Arthur faces an uphill battle as he races against time and his own conflicted emotions to save the day.

Director James Wan has done an amazing job of giving audiences a lavish and action-filled experience that never loses the characters as the main
focus of the story. He cleverly blends the lore of Aquaman with a modern
twist yet stays true to the character. Jason Momoa has an intriguing presence,  giving the character more depth than expected. The supporting cast is solid and the film rarely loses pacing or fails to keep you fascinated throughout.

Warner has had some issues with recent adaptations of DC characters but, like Wonder Woman, “Aquaman” delivers on action and storytelling. The film also contains a strong message about ecology without being preachy.  This is one of the more entertaining films of the year and should make fans of the character happy. I look forward to seeing what adventure comes next for Aquaman.

4 stars out of 5


Second review by Christopher Daniels.

DC Comics tries to strike gold with another superhero movie, but finds only rock instead.

Aquaman is DC’s latest attempt to catch up to the enormous success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jason Momoa continues in his titular role, and DC surrounds him with a strong cast of supporting actors, including Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren, and Nicole Kidman.

The film brings you to the action right away, as a Russian submarine is being hijacked by pirates in black gear. Aquaman (so named by social media) dispatches the pirates easily; they quickly learn he is blade- and bullet-proof. (They wisely don’t inquire how he got his tattoos…)

During the encounter, Arthur (Aquaman / Momoa) meets the first of two antagonists, and, in a way, creates his own arch-nemesis.

Another Atlantean, Mera (Amber Heard), soon greets Arthur, and asks for his help in coming war.  The denizens of the oceans are tired of the surface dwellers polluting their habitat, and they’re ready to unleash aquatic hell.

Detective Comics (DC) has a rich history of wonderful animated stories, but they continue to miss the mark on live-action endeavors. The film was graphically beautiful, and it had engaging action scenes, along with good acting. But the writing fell far short of modern standards. The humor was cheesy and poorly timed, and the campy one-liners ruined good moments.  

In addition, the musical interludes were chosen poorly. Like the humor, they undercut scenes that would have been memorable otherwise.

The plot is full of nonsensical twists, but all-in-all, it’s still a fun superhero movie.  I’m a comic movie apologist, so here I am again, apologizing for another DC film.  This is only worth seeing in theaters because of the visual treat.

2 out 5 Stars

Edited By: Jeff Boehm


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