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4 Important Tips To Create Slideshows That Engage The Audience

Have you noticed how some slideshows seem to be able to fully engage the audience watching them, and keep their attention glued from start to finish? It goes without saying that you should try to create slideshows that can do the same – but you may not be sure how.


While there are a lot of factors that can influence how engaging your slideshows are, there are a few important tips that you should follow when you create them:



  • Take advantage of slideshows as a visual medium


Each of your slides should focus on delivering information as visually as possible. The exact visuals that you use will vary, but you can try graphs, charts, photos, diagrams, illustrations, or even simple infographics.


Not only will such visuals be more interesting for the audience than a wall of text, but research has consistently shown that people absorb visual information better. Ultimately that should help your slideshow to both engage viewers and effectively deliver its message.



  • Use the very first slide to hook the audience


The very first slide of your slideshow should be dedicated to a single goal: Piquing the interest of the audience. That can be done by structuring it as a hook that makes them want to find out more about what the slideshow is about.


While there are lots of different types of hooks that can be used in slideshows, an easy option to start with is to outline what the audience will gain (i.e. the benefit of the slideshow).



  • Make the slideshow direct and concise


People will naturally start to lose interest as your slideshow drags on, and the longer it is the more difficult it will be to hold their attention. While there is no simple answer as to what duration is best, you should try to keep the overall slideshow short by making it as concise as possible.


To do that you should go over every slide and point in your slideshow and see if it can be simplified in any way. Additionally keep an eye out for information that may be superfluous or not very relevant, and think about removing or replacing it.



  • Don’t overuse transitions and effects


Many beginners often make the mistake of assuming that transitions and effects will make their slideshows more interesting and engaging. That simply isn’t true, and if overused they could actually drive people away from your slideshow.


If you do want to use a transition or effect, it should be for a specific reason – otherwise you’re better off not using it.


Make no mistake the slideshow software that you use will have a part to play as well. Nowadays there are lots of user-friendly options that you can choose from, and for example you could try Movavi Slideshow Maker.


At the end of the day the tips listed above should give you the means to create slideshows that are much more engaging. If you want you can continue to explore some of the other factors that affect audience engagement as well, and improve on them further.

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