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Published on November 16th, 2018 | by gareth


The Most Overpowered Pokemon In The Games



If you enjoy watching and playing Pokemon, you’ll know that there is no better feeling than creating your dream team of awesome pokemon to fight in the league at the end of the game. Working for hours and hours to power up the ideal Charizard or Tyranitar feels like an amazing achievement when you finally beat the boss and win the game.


However, there are times which make us go ‘WHY GOD, WHY?!” when we see a tiny little Ditto with overpowered stats tearing into our Pokemon without a second thought. And don’t even get us started on Blissey in Pokemon Go…


Anyway, if you want to start watching anime this year and jump on that Pokemon hype train… here are some of the most overpowered and irritating creatures of them all which you could encounter on your travels.



When you first see this pokemon with a face only a mother could love, you might wonder to yourself what use it could be other than getting mud everywhere on the battlefield. But it might surprise you to know that Grimer is actually pretty darn powerful with the right stats, and it is an opponent you should watch out for. It can fit through any size gap due to its icky form, and this can allow it to enter the sewers and feed off sludge to grow stronger. When it travels over land it leaves behind a stench which quite literally clears the room, and life for that matter, leaving behind nothing but a barren wasteland. And if you thought this was bad enough: if a bit of its sludge falls off its body, it turns into a Grimer itself! It’s disgusting, but also quite impressive.



This pokemon has been renowned since its release for the most ridiculous Pokedex entry of all time. It goes as follows:


‘Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokémon. If Gardevoir’s Trainer needs protecting, Gardevoir creates a small black hole by using all of its psychic power.’




This beautiful looking pokemon can create black holes at any time or place. It means that during battle you could be winning and this little bugger will rip open time and space itself and create a vacuum to kill all life in the surrounding area. It’s safe to say that you should not get on the bad side of this pokemon.



We all know about Ditto and its cute little purple form, but Ditto is one of those pokemon which we often underestimate when in battle, and this can be dangerous. The whole point of Ditto is that it is able to transform into any other pokemon and imitate it’s powers. It means that if you go into battle against a Ditto with a level 100 Gyrados, the ditto can change into the same thing and hit you right back with the same power or more. In all honesty the best way to beat a ditto is to get one yourself and use it.



Honedge might not be the best known pokemon in this list, but it doesn’t mean that it is any less impressive. Honedge is ghost sword pokemon and it has the ability to suck the lifeforce of anyone who gets in its way. Pretty brutal, huh? If you fancy a slow and agonising defeat during the peak of your pokemon career, then go ahead and pick a fight with one of these guys. You can win if you play things right, but the risk of having your life force leached is pretty big.



For a pokemon which essentially has the word ‘Evil’ in its name, it isn’t surprising that this is the top pick on our list. Yveltal is a pokemon which when it dies, it sucks all the life out of the world and then returns int a cocoon to slumber. So you better keep this guy alive because if he dies, he’s taking us all with him!


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