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Published on September 20th, 2018 | by gareth


Activision/Treyarch Hints In Beta Questionaire That A Black Ops 4 Campaign May Still Happen

As gamers look forward to the pending release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
the debate over the lack of a traditional campaign is likely to remain a
hot topic amongst fans.

While I was filling out the extensive survey for the Blackout Beta, one
question really stood out to me and that was one asking if I would be
excited over a campaign added as a downloadable content in the future.
Naturally I am very supportive of this idea and it seems to me that
Treyarch and Activision are at least considering it as a possible option
down the line.

Some stories say that the campaign was abandoned when it became clear it
would not be ready in time for the October release of the game versus the
traditional November releases of the past.  Others say the campaign was
never seriously planned as it was abandoned early in development.
It seems as if Activision/Treyarch may be kicking the tires in earnest
about adding a campaign which likely will gain or lose traction based on
the reception of the game once it is released. I am sure there is a good
number of players who may be on the fence about an online only game at
$59.99 so the ability to say a campaign is coming down the line is a
potential selling point once the first wave of sales happens.

I remember that Half-Life 2 shipped without multiplayer and it was added
in at a later date. In fact; I had just completed the campaign when the
online update became available which greatly extended my enjoyment of the
While it has yet to be determined if the campaign will ever see the light
of day; it is very interesting that it is at least being considered to the
point where it is a question in the beta feedback.

I would love to see a campaign and I think a free campaign download would
be a great move by Activision/Treyarch to thank fans who have supported
the series.

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