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Published on July 31st, 2018 | by gareth


Call Of Duty: United Front

The third of four DLC packs for Call of Duty: WW2 has arrived for PC and Xbox One. United Front brings three new multiplay maps, a new War map, and a brand new chapter in the Zombie saga for players to enjoy.
The content first released on the PS4 which gives that platform a 30 day advanced released window over the other platforms.

The three maps are as follows…

Market Garden

Set during Operation Market Garden in The Netherlands, players must fight in and around Allied Headquarters which leads to several close-quarter battles. The kitchen is a very dangerous area and there are multiple places for enemies to hide in the shadows and strike.
If you like a run and gun style of play, this is the map for you.


The snow-covered map is set in the factory district and provides raised areas, long range attacks, tunnels, and solid action. The detail level is good and using train cars to hide behind before launching an attack makes the map a great mix of gameplay styles.

Monte Cassino

This map set in Italy has players battle in a village and has some great tactical variation. From courtyards to rooftops, players can alternate between run and gun and distanced attacks. There is some great fun in shooting enemies from the roof and then jumping down to finish them off point blank.

Operation Supercharge

Set in Tunisia during the second battle of El Alamein players must build and defend bridges as they look to assault and defend a key train bridge. Anyone who has played the War mode knows what to expect as teamwork is the key for this mode and different play styles are well-supported.
The final part of the pack is the new Zombie chapter and it is very difficult even for experienced players.

The Tortured Path

Players make a last-ditch stand to fight the evil hordes but the ideal village where the game takes place offers few places to hide and narrow passages which makes players develop hit and run tactics as standing your ground does not work well.
I have played all of the Zombie modes to date and this one is very challenging. I have asked other players if I am wrong about this and they have all agreed that the map offers a very high challenge as not only are the enemies tougher and abundant; the weapons do not seem to do as must damage.
United Front is a nice selection of content which will increase the options for fans of Call of Duty: WW2. However some fans may find it is a mix of good but not great content that does not change greatly from what is already offered. The new maps are fun but they do not have a unique or quirky quality to them like some maps have.

3.5 stars out of 5


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