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Published on July 11th, 2018 | by gareth


AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra

4K Game was until recently only available for select PC gamers who had systems and games that could support the enhanced graphics. I remember just over two years ago writing an article saying that 4K gaming was going to be the new battleground for consoles and getting scathing comments over it. I was told that I was an idiot who did not understand gaming and technology and consoles could not do 4K and would not anytime soon. Just over a year later Sony released the PS4 Pro and that was followed by the Xbox One X, both of which supported 4K gaming.

With rumors of the next generation of systems already appearing, it seems like 4K is indeed here and will be the new standard going forward until the rise of the 8K tech.

With that in mind, AVerMedia has released the Live Gamer Ultra which allows true 4K gamer technology to consoles and PC.

The stylish and compact device sets up easily and allows 100% lag-free, 4Kp60 HDR video pass-through and record at 4Kp30.  Gamers can also edit their captures in 4K without having to deal with stuttering or other issues which have hindered HD recording in the past.

This alone would be amazing but the Liver Gamer Ultra also allows users to stream their content in 4K to multiple platforms at once. No longer do users have to upload to one source after another or pick between outlets, as they can simply steam to all of them at once without having to guess where the best audience will be when they go online.

The unit is plug and play so when connected to a PC, users will not have to worry about drivers and a complicated setup as they can plug in and play.

The device also offers capture for the Nintendo Switch which is of big interest to many owners of the system and thanks to the versatility of the unit, users can move between various systems with ease.

For more information on this impressive device, please visit


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