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Published on June 20th, 2018 | by Tracey Barrientos


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I have ben a huge fan of dinosaurs since about the age of five, especially when the first Jurassic Park was released. One, it had dinosaurs in it and two, my cousin had worked on the film so it was a double whammy for me. As I grew, the franchise grew and now at the age of thirty I am amazed and thrilled to see how far the franchise has grown with it’s latest film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Isla Nublar has been abandoned for three years after Jurassic World was overtaken by the dinosaurs that inhabited the theme park. Since then, the dinosaurs have had to survive by fending for themselves amongst each other. After the outcome of the containment breach in the lavish amusement park. The public became fearsome and torn. Should they save the dinosaurs or, should they be left to be decimated by the islands dormant volcano that has now awoken? Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is back along with a couple new characters and are at the head of a group aimed to rescue any remaining dinosaurs from what could end up being the second extinction. When Claire realizes that Blue the most intelligent raptor might still be out in the jungle; she reunites with Owen (Chris Pratt) in the hopes that he would want to help the cause. It will be their mission to save the dinosaurs from the raging volcano ravaging the island. Is that the only threat though and are the dinosaurs really the threat are we the threat?

The film serves up some action packed, edge of your seat styled entertainment from start to finish. The same action that we have come to love throughout the franchise. I actually prefer this film to the last film and I’m not quite sure why. The acting and chemistry between the actors still worked very well. Although, my favorite will always be Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) whom sadly we only really get to see a couple of times in the film” The humorous antics and nods to past films can still be noticed only if your truly paying attention. I still to this day miss the use of animatronics as apposed to all the computer generation used. I do understand that filmmakers must change with the times and it can in some scenes be viewed as more realistic than not. I have a feeling that the film might have mixed reviews but in my opinion it was fantastic. As a huge fan since the beginning, I have to say this one can’t be missed because it is RAWR-some!! Also as a special note, please stay after the credits.

4 out of 5 stars


Second Review by Gareth


It has been three years since “Jurassic World” kicked off a new trilogy of Dinosaur films and successfully rebooted the “Jurassic Park” series which had been dormant for over fourteen years.  The new film “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” centers on an urgent need to save the dinosaurs from a pending volcanic eruption. This kicks off a huge debate as to the ethics about saving resurrected animals or simply letting them go extinct once again amongst government leaders.

Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) leads a group hoping to lobby support to save the animals and just when things look darkest, hope arrives with an offer from wealthy industrialist Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell), arrives. Lockwood worked with Sir John Hammond to create the creatures many years ago and despite a falling out, he remains passionate about protecting the creatures and wants Claire to help save some of the creatures and relocate them to a private sanctuary. Claire is needed as she has a radio frequency which will make locating and saving certain species easier and she is tasked to take Owen (Chris Pratt), with her to retrieve Blue the Velociraptor.

The fact that Owen and Claire are on the outs is a challenge but the chance to see and save Blue gets him to join the trip and they set off with a team to accomplish their task.

Things do not go as planned as it seems that there is a nefarious plan in place unbeknownst to the ailing Lockwood where animals are being captured in an effort to sell them as organic weapons and collectibles.

Things go into high-gear when it is learned why Blue is so important to the plan and with a new and very deadly species of Dinosaur introduced, things are about to get very dangerous.

If you have seen any of the prior films you will know that there will be plenty of Dinosaur carnage and destruction on hand and that the humans must face their own creations in a battle to survive.

The film takes what to me was a glaring hole in regards to why not simply make new creatures versus the debate over a rescue and gave it a very sobering and sadly understandable answer.

The effects in the film are first-rate and the film does hold your attention and provide some very exciting moments. Some may say that after five films it is hard to recapture the sense of wonder as after all; the film is bound to eventually become creatures on the loose with humans caught in the middle.

Director J.A. Bayona keeps things moving at a brisk pace and does have a script with a few nods to prior films in the series. While some may want to detract the film as mindless entertainment, the film is better than the two sequels to the original “Jurassic Park”, and does provide enough good moments to keep fans happy.  I look forward to seeing what the next film in the series offers as this is pure summer entertainment at its best.

4 stars out of 5


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