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Published on June 13th, 2018 | by gareth


The Division 2: Hands-On E3 2018

During our coverage of E3 2018, I got the chance to play The Division 2 and get a look at what Ubisoft has in store for the next chapter in the series about the naton dealing with the aftermath of a viral outbreak.

Playing as one of the custom classes available to us, my team of four made our way through a building taking on fierce enemies. There were the familiar boxes to reload from as well as the familiar cover based combat system which is a vital part of the game.
This time out there is more specialized weapons such as a crossbow as well as a gas grenade that gives off a purple smoke which ignites when struck by weapons fire. I found this ideal for hemming in enemies who were trying to flank us and allowing many of our shooters to take them out. I loved the new heal system which allowed me to heal on the spot but using an item versus deploying a health station.
This came in handy as I tend to be aggresive in my gameplay and trying to get used to using an Xbox One controller versus a mouse and keyboard was an adjustment.

Fighting around famous landmarks and locales of Washington D.C. was a very interesting experience and the enemies gave quite a fight as well as took alot of punishment before going down.

The variety of weapons, customization options and locales makes The Division 2 appear to be much more than the first game with some new weapons and a new locale. I was able to get right into the action and enjoy myself from the start. The other unique weapon I saw held enemies in place via a foam which quickly hardened. This made them easy targets which was good as the enemy units were very good at working with their more powerful units to plan attacks that changed tactics as the battle unfolded.

I played through the mission twice and I cannot wait to see the full release of the game as I am very excited about what for me was one of the best games of E3 2018.



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