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Published on June 12th, 2018 | by gareth


RAGE 2: Hands On E3 2018

Bethesda had a very impressive showcase at E3 2018 and on the first day of the show, I opened my day by playing RAGE 2 I was a fan of the first game and I am beyind thrilled that Bethesda is returning to the franchise after several years away. I was grated by some Wasteland outcasts, colorful van which served us tasty ice cream, a carnival, game, and a tutorial, and we were ready to go. Despite playing my shooters on a PC, I was able to get through the demo with an Xbox One controller without dying although there were several close calls which went my way thanks to a health serum.

Starting with a machine gun and my Nano Powers, I emptied clip after clip into the bad guys and was amazed at how much damage they could take, I often had to unload a full clip into an enemy to take them down. My Wing Stick did well taking down enemies at range but the real joy was firing up my powers and taking names. From shattering, to sprinting, they really helped turn the tide of battle.

The shotgun was a great weapon up close and once again, it took multiple shots to get the bad guys down, even at close range but thankfully a few smacks with the rifle put things in my favor very quickly.

The game had some great graphics and the action was very intense and satisfying. The vehicle  portion of the game was not addressed in the demo and I could not tell if the game would have multiplayer as the focus was on the mission to clear and explore and area.

Based on the small sample I saw, RAGE 2 looks to be a pure action fest game that should build upon the original nicely, as I cannot wait to play more.

I did manage to get more time in the next day and thanks to being a bit more up to speed with the game, I was able to complete the demo. I was the only one in the group to do so though Michael was inches away from doing it when he was cut down by the bad guys.


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