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Published on March 30th, 2018 | by gareth


Toki Tori: Nintendo Switch

The egg collecting puzzle game Toki Tori has arrived for the Nintendo Switch at a very attractive price of $4.99.  The side scrolling classics tasks players with navigating a series of tropical themed levels. With over 80 levels and 5 settings players will have plenty to keep them busy.

The title character does possess some challenges as he cannot even jump but must use skills to get about such as Telewarp, Freeze –o-Matic, and InstantRock.

An  example of this is using your powers to get a crab to move a box so that you can access an area that you would otherwise jump to if you were able to jump. Or there is using powers to draw in prey for a Frog so you can then enter his burb bubble and use it to float to a higher level.

Players can also freeze time and skip a level if the challenge becomes too great.

The game has bright and engaging graphics and runs at 60FPS and also offers HD Rumble and Video Capture support.

The game does offer some real challenges as aside from puzzle solving, players must think outside the box as a generation raised on jumping from one objective to another will find a bit of a learning curve to navigate. That being said, the game is fun and you cannot beat the price so if you want a nice mix of casual nostalgia and fun gaming for the entire family, then check this game out.

4 stars out of 5


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