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Published on March 1st, 2018 | by gareth


With Ion Maiden; Is The Time Right For Remeasters Of Blood And Duke Nukem 3D

With the recent announcement from 3-D Realms of Ion Maiden and two updated versions of Shadow Warriors, I found myself looking at some of the titles from the company’s past.  One game that I particularly had some interest in was BLOOD as not only did I enjoy playing the original game, but had a small hand in some of the content for the sequel Blood 2: The Chosen during my time at Monolith.

The game recently entered my thoughts and I started to think about how impressive it would be to see an updated version of the games made available.  While the latest version of Duke Nukem did not go over as planned, it still provided a new chapter in the franchise and got me thinking how cool it would be to see a remastered version of Duke Nukem 3D with modern graphics and multiplayer capability.

Both Blood and Duke were built on the same engine so would be quite interesting to see how an updated version of each game would look and play today.  With so much focus on horror and Zombie themed offerings, I do think it would be really interesting for a game like Blood to be given a new lease on life with some of the benefits of modern technology can offer as well as being made available for the console platforms. 

While this may be just a fans pipedream, it is interesting to note that many 90s shooters have been given a new lease on life and should the retro-themed Ion Maiden be a hit, then I think naturally it only stands to reason to see if other games in the 3D Realms Library would benefit from a rerelease.

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2 Responses to With Ion Maiden; Is The Time Right For Remeasters Of Blood And Duke Nukem 3D

  1. Seth Byrnes says:

    What is the game in the screenshot!? It’s not blood OR duke. Please provide source 🙂

    • gareth says:

      It is from Blood 2: I had a small hand in the creation of the game. Google Blood 2, go to images and you will see it.

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