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Published on February 22nd, 2018 | by gareth


Game Night

Max (Jason Bateman), and his wife Annie (Rachel McAdams),are a loving
couple who met during a trivia night at a bar. Gaming has been a regular
part of their lives, and they are often involved with hosting game nights
for their friends.

 Max and Annie seems have it all save for a family and
when it is determined that stress may be leading to the problem Max
attempts to resolve the issue. Max has issues with his older brother
Brooks (Kyle Chandler), who he sees as ultra-successful and rubbing his
success in his face. 

The fact that Max has not seen his brother in a while
is not an issue, the fact that the brother who seems to beat him in
everything has returned is enough to set the mild-mannered Max on edge.
After an enjoyable game night, Brooks offers to host the next one and
although Max knows this is just Brooks looking for a way to show off his
house, he accepts the invitation.

Upon arrival,Brooks tells Max, Annie, and their friends that they will be
playing a mystery night where a group of actors will stage a kidnapping
and they must unravel clues to solve the mystery. The fact that Brooks is
offering a prized car that Max has long coveted is all the motivation he
needs to win the competition.

The game starts and a group of goons arrive and rough up Brooks and kidnap
him in front of the guests who all think this is part of the show. They
soon come to realize that Brooks may not be the person he claims to bend
that the kidnapping may indeed be real and not part of a scripted game.

What follows is a mix of comedy and dramatic mystery that while unfolding
slowly at times, is filled with some funny moments and great characters.
Bateman has his likable everyman persona down well in the film and the
supporting cast does a great job playing in the wacky adventure without
every getting to madcap.

 The breakout star of the film is Jesse Plemons
who plays Max and Annie's creepy police neighbor who is deeply disturbed
following the breakup of his marriage and has taken things to a new level.
You will want to stay through the credits as there are some extra scenes
which round out the film nicely. "Game Night", is a pleasant enoughfilm
that cannot quite determine if it is a comedy or dramedy, but it does
enough good things to make it an enjoyable outing.

3.5 stars out of 5.


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