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Published on February 17th, 2018 | by gareth


Immortal Redneck

Calling back the days of Serious Sam; a new game called Immortal Redneck has arrived and it looks to fill the gap that the previously mentioned frantic yet casual shooter has left behind.

Set in Egypt, players must travel into mysterious Pyramids and tombs to battle all manner of mythological and supernatural creatures. Along the way they must not only survive but gain treasures and weapons needed to survive.

The game does offer plenty of weapons form pistols to dynamite and of course shotguns and all manner of machines guns. While this may at first seem a bit of overkill, it is not as players will need this and more to stop the enemies that face them.

Players will also be able to gain treasures as they journey and battle which can be used at a market to purchase upgrades and special weapons which will greatly help their efforts in battle.

The gameplay and the story is very simplistic and very retro in the gameplay. The controls at times are not as responsive as I would have liked while at other times they respond faster than you would anticipate which is a pain when facing waves of enemies in a close setting and with a weapon using a slower than expected reload time.

Graphically the game is solid but do not expect AAA quality graphics as this is very much a retro game so while they are better than the previously mentioned Serious Sam, they would not hold up when compared to other shooters of the day.

However as a value priced title which can be picked up for your PC or Console for under $12.00 in many places, Immortal Redneck is a pleasant enough trip down memory lane which should keep shooter fans happy with retro nostalgic fun.

3 stars out of 5.


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