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Published on January 9th, 2018 | by gareth


Clean Master PC

Having junk files slowing down your computer is something that every computer owner has had to deal with. Cleaning your cache, deleting old files, and driver updates are one thing; but the abundance of old content has a habit of lingering on a system.

Thanks to Clean Master users can remove old files easily as well as boost their PC, boost drivers, and use enhanced privacy tools. Available in a free and professional version, the software is very easy to install and use.

In no time it had located junk files that were taking up space on my system and even ones that my regular upkeep procedures had missed.

Removing the files was easy and fast, however it also removed my passwords which required me to redo my verification and logins on numerous sites that I use on a regular basis. Since some of them are logged into less frequently than others, this became a bit tedious especially with sites that now require further measure to validate before use and this became even more tedious with my second time using the program.

It did do a good job of removing the files and I have noticed a slightly faster startup when Windows 10 loads.  I have not seen a big difference in my gaming performance but I also have not seen any issues with my games or desktop applications aside from the previously mentioned password issues.

For a versatile and easy way to maintain your system, Clean Master may be just the thing for you, as long as you do not mind the password issue.


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