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Win A Copy Of The New Game Genetic Disaster

To celebrate the release this Friday of Genetic Disaster, a Wacky Steam
rogue-like twin stick shooter, Team 8 is offering a Steam key giveaway.

As such, we have three keys available. Drop me a line at with the title Genetic to Win.


France, December 1, 2017 – Team 8 is proud to announce that their
first-ever production Genetic Disaster (already in early access) will be
available in its final version on Steam December 15, 2017. Be prepared to
lose long time buddies due to accidental (they said) friendly fire and

In this cooperative rogue-like, casualties and accidental friendly
shootings are commonplace. Summon your buddies, bust out the beers, order
in the pizza and get ready for a chilled relaxed evening. Join forces to
beat the bosses and defeat their minions, but be even more cautious with
your happy trigger allies. Caught in the middle between friendly fire and
explosive barrels, there will be plenty of opportunities to wipe the
entire team out.
Join this band of peculiar characters, named Sneaky, Panic, Devil and
Bunker in their fight against the completely nutty scientist! Help them
escape from the mansion and face the wacky monsters inhabiting the
corridors. For real, get with the program, you will pull your teeth out
just like when playing Cuphead but that’s what we like! Die, laugh and

Genetic Disaster is a “cooperative” rogue like for up to 4 players, with
fun and gratifying gameplay wrapped around cartoony and super colorful
cute graphics. You can play alone, with friends (who may not be your
friends anymore at the end of the evening), on your couch or online but
whatever happens, you will curse everyone ! Collect weapons, potions,
share your life (or not) and upgrade your hero at each level to create
your own style of play or to match that of your teammates. Therefore,
cooperation constitutes the key element to victory, and at the same time
very often will drive you to lose the game.

  • Co-op local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • 4 charismatic characters, each with their own skills
  • Seamless and automatic gameplay balance adjustments depending on the
    number of players
  • Hand-painted characters and environments
  • Upgrade your hero throughout levels
  • PC and Game pad compatible controls

Genetic disaster will be available on Steam
on December 15, 2017 for $19.99.



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