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Published on August 28th, 2017 | by gareth


Mario Vs. Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Nintendo Switch owners will likely be thrilled with the amazing new title for the system which for me has been the best reason for owning the system.

Mario vs. Rabbids: Kingdom Battle blends the iconic Nintendo characters with the Ubisoft   Rabbids in a new turn based adventure that fans will love.

Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and others blend with the mischievous Rabbids after a hysterical accident combines the two franchises.

Using a guide, players will move across a map, collecting coins as they go which can be used to upgrade your gear at various times.

When players enter certain arenas, the game becomes a turn based tactical combat game. Think X-Com but more family friendly and you begin to understand the fun and challenges that await them.

A typical round involves players moving to a point on the field, taking cover, and firing an attack shot at an enemy.  Players may also opt to use a defensive skill when available or charge in for a close-quarters attack.

Should players complete the round with at least one of their three players still standing, they can move onto a new area and fight a new set of challenges.

I was doing very well until the first Mid-Boss who along with his minions presented a large challenge. The game gave me the option to play in an easier mode, but that did not seem to matter much as the enemies used travel tubes, exploding boxes, and other tactics to dominate.

Being able to upgrade your weapons is a big help as often the extra amount of damage you can deal an enemy is the key to winning a battle or failing miserably.

The game offers a co-op mode for players looking to play with another player and it is an easy game to play, but one that is very difficult to master.

The Game did very well at E3 when it was announced and won several awards which are well-deserved as after several days of playing the game, I am not bored with it at all and still keep coming back to it again and again.

This is a big deal for me as I often become bored with Nintendo games after a few days as I often find the dated graphics and gameplay difficult to hold my attention for long compared to other options that are out there. This time, I found a game that I love and enjoy the challenge and whimsical blend of styles which makes this one the first real reason to own a Nintendo Switch as I have found it far more enjoyable than any other title currently available for the system, Zelda included.

4.5 stars out of 5




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