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Published on July 27th, 2017 | by gareth


Math Tricks That Will Help You Win in Online Casinos

There is a reason why casino products are called gambling games – they are described as risky games of chance in which the luck factor is what primarily counts. And, to tell the truth, without the risk they wouldn’t be so much fun for millions of players around the world. However, there are always certain numbers standing behind the system. Nothing is genuinely random – every spin in a slot is predetermined thanks to the RNG system. Even more, roulette is such game that can undoubtedly be influenced by one’s skills and moves. Therefore, let us explain how the most popular online casino games work and whether there is a way to change their outcome! You can try these tricks here at casinobonuspromotions.co.uk after reading this article. Good luck.

Does Math Help When Playing Slots?

Right away, we will tell you that math tricks won’t help you here. If they do in any way, that would be considered a fraud, since slots are intended to be 100% game of luck. Likewise, online gambling platforms must use the RNG system which ensures that the numbers are randomly determined with particular algorithms which cannot be influenced by a player!

Nevertheless, we have some advice for you regarding slots play:

•    If you want to win the progressive jackpot, always bet max! There has always been a debate whether this is true or not, but as gambling experts state, you won’t even qualify for the jackpot unless you don’t bet max;

•    Wager all the possible paylines! This is, in a way, a math trick. Instead of lowering paylines and increasing bet/coin size, do the opposite. Place the maximum number of lines but lower any other parameter based on your budget. This will give you more chances to land a winning combo;

•    Start by betting lower. This works especially when you have a small budget – wait until you win a couple of spins and are standing at a good point with your balance, and only then increase the bet.

Blackjack and Math Go Hand in Hand

If you are good at counting and keeping track of your gameplay, Blackjack is the right choice. Also known as “21”, this game is hugely popular for the card counting technique, and if you are more into finding out about this skill, watch the famous “21” movie! But, we are not here to talk about counting, as it is considered a fraud activity. There are many more legal ways to win at Blackjack!

In this game, there are 13 cards, each having 4 different suits – making a deck of 52 cards. The house edge ranges, but the average would be around 7.5%. Plus, the dealer is the one playing the last hand. Knowing that online casinos hold a significant advantage compared to players who tend to bankrupt pretty fast if they don’t know what they’re doing. First, you need to practice for free! Know what it means to hit, stand, split pairs, and double down.

Video Poker – Luck or Skill?

Those who still believe that everything about gambling is luck should consider this – why are the same people seen at professional competitions winning again and again? They can’t be that lucky.

Well, this is because poker is surprisingly considered 70% a game of skill and 30% of luck, but only for professionals. For newbies, it is vice versa; the odds are standing in different order. To become a pro in Poker, learn the meaning of the cards you are playing with. What is your next move? Would it be to hold or to fold? This will help you in deciding whether to stake big or to withdraw and wait for a better hand. A simple example of how you can use Poker skills when playing with other players:

•    Let’s say your opponent likes to bluff, and he usually bluffs 1 in every 3 times when having a good hand;

•    What this means? Chances are 1 in 4 that you will have a better card combo in your hands;

•    The odds are therefore 3 to 4 that you will not have a better hand;

•    Summing up, for every three failed turns, it is most likely you will win one time.

Though this can be highly helpful, it doesn’t mean that it is all about math; many other variables are involved, which is exactly what lies in the beauty of gambling.

When to Rely on Math vs. When to Use Luck

These two solutions are much tied to what player type you are. If we are talking slots, roulette, and keno, there is nothing you can do except practice the games to understand the gameplay better which is definitely helpful.

However, poker, blackjack, and primarily sports betting are profoundly influenced by not only math, but your knowledge, skills, concentration, face expressions (when playing with opponents), types of games, and so on. Hence, if you are that type of players who likes to lay back and play on auto, these are not for you. But if you like the fact that you hold even a bit of control of what’s happening, casinos made sure that it is not all about luck!

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