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Published on June 8th, 2017 | by Genevieve Mc Bride


Plants Vs.Zombies Heroes Set Announced

The Lawn of a new Battle is going galactic: the biggest update to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes set has arrived!


With Galactic Gardens comes a new 100-card set, tons of new strategies for players to employ in their decks, and more balanced, more fun, and an even more crazy experience with adjustments made to Hero powers. We’re also kicking off Ranked Season 2 on June 19th for five weeks! Check out the new trailer here. New to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes? Download the doom versus bloom strategy game in the AppStore or GooglePlay.


Learn more about the features in the Galactic Garden update below:


Blast off with “Galactic Gardens”: 100 powerful, new, space-themed cards in a new pack. Try out the amazing Onion Rings and Dark Matter Dragonfruit, plus the mind-blowing Binary Stars and Supernova Gargantuar! Go to the store to buy Galactic Gardens packs now!

In Galactic Gardens, you’ll find 20 different “Environment” cards. Play them in any Ground lane to create cool special abilities there. You can destroy an Environment by playing any other Environment in the same lane.

In Galactic Gardens you’ll also find 20 different “Conjure” cards. They’ll give you different cards every time you use them. Sometimes they also give the Conjured cards extra special abilities, better stats, or lower cost.

Ranked Multiplayer Season 1 is now complete! You’ll receive a unique badge to show off and a pinata of prizes based on the League you reached by the end of Season 1.

You earn new rewards each time you rank up, so you can earn many of those rank-up rewards again in Season 2. If you earned a high rank in Season 1, you’ll get a head start on your rank for Ranked Multiplayer Season 2. Based on player feedback, Season 2 will run much faster, lasting just 5 weeks, starting on June 19th! Ranks now take fewer stars to earn, so you can rank up faster. Earn those ranks fast and get maximum rewards!

To provide some extra balance between Heroes and their win rates, some Superpowers have been updated:
• Z-Mech’s “Missile Madness” is stronger: “Do 3 damage to a Plant and 1 damage to all other Plants.”
Z-Mech now has “Electrobolt” as a Superpower instead of “Dance Off.”
Professor Brainstorm now has “Dance Off” as a Superpower instead of “Electrobolt.”
Transmogrify is stronger: “Transform a Zombie into a random Zombie that costs 1.” (Was “costs 2 or less”)
Bubble Up is stronger: “Move a Plant. It gets +4 Health.” (Was +3 Health)

All 60 Strategy Decks from Season 1 have been updated to include powerful new Galactic Gardens cards. There are also 20 all-new Galactic Gardens-themed Strategy Decks. Play them as is, or take a look then build your own version!


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