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Published on May 8th, 2017 | by gareth


D23 Expo 2017 Preview

The biannual D 23 Expo is coming to Anaheim July 14-16 and is a not to be missed celebration of all things Disney.  The convention features a dazzling array Disney guest and memorabilia that spawns the impressive legacy of the company and celebrates their accomplishments across a wide variety of entertainment fields.  While a lot of attention is given to the showcase of the upcoming live-action and animated films there is much more to the convention for fans to enjoy.  While I absolutely enjoy seeing the stars, first looks, and big reveals of what the company has in store for the Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney franchises that will be gracing theaters over the next two years, there is also the matter of the theme parks, television programs, memorabilia, and more to enjoy.

I fondly remember in 2015 walking through a museum which featured everything from original tickets to Disneyland to the Abominable Snowman amongst the memorabilia.  The memories did not stop there as my wife and I got up close with costumes from the at the time pending new Star Wars film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, as well as seeing some practical sets up close from the new “Avatar” attraction which is set to open this summer at Walt Disney World.

While the star powered showcases and the amazing attractions would have been more than enough for most people, I also enjoyed seeing the new EA Star Wars Battlefront game again as I had only been able to play briefly at E3 a few months prior.  A real unexpected treat for us was the highly detailed preview of Shanghai Disneyland complete with those who worked on the Park and numerous interactive displays that show just how special the attraction was going to be.

As we move closer to the show this year there is an even greater abundance things for fans to look forward to.

Naturally the new films in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises for fans to look forward to including perhaps a first look at the new Han Solo film as well is announcements on future titles in the series and perhaps a look at the upcoming new Avengers films.

Of course animation is a key point of Disney and I for one would love to see something on the new “Wreck It Ralph” sequel as well as other films such as “Frozen 2”, and “Toy Story 4”, and numerous live-action reimagining of classic animated films that Disney has in the works.

There are rumors of new attractions coming to the theme parks that I would definitely love to hear more about including an even larger look at the pending Star Wars Land attractions and the additions to the cruise line and you resort offerings.

I could go on and on talking about the television shows, memorabilia, music, and abundance of star power that will be on hand, but I would be remiss in not discussing how nice it is to the around the fans who bring an abundance of joy and enthusiasm with them which really helps separate this convention from others and sprinkles and abundance of magic on all those who attend.  The D23 Expo is simply not about movies, television shows, merchandise, and attractions, it’s a celebration of all things Disney and the incredible legacy of the company that continues to amaze generation after generation of fans.

Tickets are going quickly as they recently announced sellout dates for the Saturday portion of the show but you can check out www.d23expo.com for more information on the show as well is how to become a member of the D 23 fan club.


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