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Published on March 15th, 2017 | by gareth


Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has released their first of four planned DLC Packs; Sabotage for the Xbox One and PC systems after being previously released for the PS4 platform.

Like previous DLC packs in the series; the set contains four new maps and a new Zombie/Alien gameplay mode.

The first map is Noir: which is a futuristic Brooklyn setting teaming with open streets and an open courtyard which makes for some really close quarters combat. The map is great for those who like a run and gun approach but there are plenty of windows and areas for snipers and surprise attacks.


The next map is Renaissance which is a beautiful recreation of a pastoral Venetian setting. Players will battle in courtyards, a church, and along canals which create many choke points for enemy forces to mount attacks.

The third map is Neon which is a Tron like map set in a computer simulation. Players and vehicles as well as parts of the map de-rez when destroyed. The map has long lines and balconies which make for great points for snipers and those looking to mount and ambush, but I really liked mounting counter attacks in the night club which allows players  a way to cover large parts of the map without having to travel the dangerous streets.

The final map is Dominion which is a futuristic remake of the classic Modern Warfare 2 map Afghan. Players will battle in a map with a downed vehicle at the center. The map has plenty of ridges, observation areas, and halls to allow players to battle one another in multiple game styles.

For me the highlight of the pack is the second installment of the Zombie mode called Rave in the Redwoods. The game continues the story of the four actors pulled into horror movies to battle legions of undead. The previous map was set in an 80s theme park and this time out we get a 90s themed camping horror film as the setting. Players get to use weapons such as a golf club, a spiked baseball bat, a machete, and other melee weapons before they pick up some heavier firepower to go with their grenades. Like in previous versions, players will have to buy access to various areas, new weapons, ammunition and such. There are also puzzles to solve to unlock new and special weapons and traps as well as to make the game progress to a conclusion point. Should players not solve the needed puzzles, then they will face wave after wave of enemies. Writer/Director Kevin Smith is on hand and can be a playable character and those looking for a change of pace can bring on a neon lightshow at various points. For fun players can also battle Bigfoot, a psycho killer, and other threats but trust me, there is plenty of challenge to go around. The Afterlife arcade returns so players who die are given a chance to play various games to make their way back into the game. With four player co-op, you will want to take advantage of the Zip Lines to get around.

While the new maps are fun, they really do not offer anything radically different but do extend the life of the game. For me, the Zombie mode is what makes this a must own as it continues to be the best overall Zombie experience in any of the COD games.

3.5 stars out of 5.


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