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Published on November 28th, 2016 | by gareth


Does Sony Plan To Deal Aces At The Playstation Experience 2016 Vs. Waiting For E3

In the complex and highly-competitive world of video games and gaming hardware marketing, timing is everything. Sony was lauded for their recent performances at E3 while rival Microsoft initially stumbled before gaining their footing when both were launching new consoles to an eager consumer basis.

Nintendo failed to reach their desired audience with the Wii U and as such, hopes that the Nintendo Switch will prosper and are poised to market the system aggressively before and after launch.

But with so many opportunities available for companies, it is difficult to pick which conventions to attend and which ones to sit out as they are costly endeavors.

Sony has made E3 their showcase over the past several years as this has been where they have made many of their biggest announcements from the look and launch price of the Playstation 4, to announcing games such as The Last Guardian, Gods, Of War, and more.

This is not saying that this is their exclusive forum as events ranging from San Diego Comic Con, Gamescom, The Tokyo Games Show, PAX West, and Paris Game Week have all been events that Sony has done very well at and has used the events to show off new games and hardware as well as issue reveals and deeper looks at what they have in store for gamers.

In 2014 Sony held their first Playstation Experience in Las Vegas and that was followed in 2015 by San Francisco and a 2016 show this weekend in Anaheim.

While E3 has usually been when the company has fired off their biggest volleys to the delight of the assembled fans and media, and countless others watching online, one has to think that Sony has a few Aces up their sleeves to play before 2016 comes to an end.

With the launch of the PS VR and PS Pro hardware, the company is moving ahead boldly into the world of4K gaming and Virtual Reality. Wirth the next major games conference several months away, one has to wonder if they will do far more than offer expanded looks at previously announced titles.

Sony has listed an impressive list of developers who will be on hand at the show and we have already fielded more meeting requests for this show than the previous two combined. The reveal that Naughty Dog will be on hand to show off a playable version of the new content for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is very interesting as is the presence of Activision, EA, and Bungie, which leads to speculation of a possible series of announcements, or at the least new first on Playstation content.

It would be a bold move for Sony to make some big announcements now rather than the usual timeframe for E3, but when you have news to share, sometimes getting it out fast is better than sitting on it for several months and risk leaks stealing your thunder.

Let us also not forget that the Nintendo Switch is due in March and as such Sony would be poised to remind consumers of the dominate position they have in the current console market and fend off the recent strong sales by Microsoft with a series of bold announcements.

We have heard rumors that cross-platform gaming may be coming at last which will allow certain future releases to be played by Xbox One and PS4 owners. I would love to see EA announce more for Mass Effect: Andromeda or the new Star Wars game, but will likely see only the new Rogue One expansion. Regardless of what is announced and shown at the event, gamers can be assured that Sony will look to continue their masterful marketing style and will likely have several surprises in store for gamers.

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8 Responses to Does Sony Plan To Deal Aces At The Playstation Experience 2016 Vs. Waiting For E3

  1. Oldschoolgamer says:

    Only thing im interested in seeing Marvel vs Capcom 4 news and 2017 Need for Speed footage.

    • gareth says:

      Would you want either to be PS VR compatible?

      • Oldschoolgamer says:

        No , on regular ps4 . Im sure Ghost Games probably port 2017 need for speed to psvr . not interested in psvr ,not interested in escaping reality into Fantasy world.

        But thanks

        • gareth says:

          I have really enjoyed PSVR but you need the right game to show it off
          I think Spider man will be ideal for it but I get that it is not for everyone.

          • Oldschoolgamer says:

            Gran Turismo Sports,F1 just about any race game would do it for emmersion . But as i said VR not for me.

  2. robertgriffin1974 says:

    Consider the fact that we’re still waiting for games from Sony e3 3 years ago I’ll be happy just with some release dates and please no vr

    • gareth says:

      They will need to announce new VR games as most have already shipped. Which titles have you been waiting for?

  3. Oldschoolgamer says:

    Today on N4G.com Ea has video footage Need for Speed Limited gone VR look Horrible . Action or should i said driving is horrible .

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