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Published on May 12th, 2016 | by gareth


Five Ways To Make Your Morning Commute More Fun & Productive

By Jessica Oaks

The morning commute can be an absolute chore, particularly if you live in a big city. Getting to and from work, for many people, is the most trying time of the day. Traffic slows you down, you’re running on fumes, you’re stressing about the day’s tasks… it isn’t fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can take simple steps to make your morning commute more productive, more fun… even both. If you commute by car share, subway, bus, taxi, Uber, or other means, follow these five steps to make the most of your time in moving metal objects! And if you drive yourself? Well, get a motorcycle, of course! What’s more fun than that?

1. Get to Work!

If you strive to be a busy bee that’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to your work responsibilities, treat your commute as a part of your work day – not something that leads up to your work day. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops always connected (thanks to abundant public Wi-Fi and near-universal 4G service), working on the go has never been easier. Truly. Send out emails, check on the status of in-progress tasks, conduct Skype meetings, or finish up that draft you’ve been working on. It’s both productive and rewarding.

2. Have Some Fun!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun on your way to and from work. It can help set the right mood for the day ahead, or allow you to unwind after a long day of meetings and phone calls. Mobile games come in nearly limitless varieties, and many require no more than five or 10 minutes of your time, which are ideal for shorter commutes. Think of them as an amuse-bouche – short and sweet! Take your mind off of work on the way to work, and you may find that you arrive ready and prepared for the day ahead.

3. Gain an Education!

Continuing education is one of the most effective ways to advance your career – regardless of what industry you may work in. Staying abreast of the latest trends, broadening your knowledge of a particular niche within your field, or learning basic foundational skills (say, a new development language) can prove invaluable down the road. Your morning commute on the subway or bus is the perfect time to gain this education. Listen to TED Talks and podcasts that cover your field (we recommend that you invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones), read how-to books and strategy guides, and take up online courses.

4. Read, Read, Read!

If you’re like most people, you probably stopped reading books a long time ago. And it isn’t just television that’s to blame. With the amount of reading that we do online each and every day, it’s easy to conclude that we are reading – just in different ways. But the day’s news and hastily written blog articles on Kanye’s latest exploits are no match for Fitzgerald or Hemingway or Jane Austen. If your daily commute is 30 minutes each way, that’s an hour of uninterrupted reading you could be indulging in. Imagine how quickly you could catch up on your reading!

5. Zone Out!

With YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, Apple Music, Stitcher (a podcast app), Amazon Prime and any number of other streaming services, zoning out has never been easier (or more enjoyable). Though you may not want to get in the habit of zoning out every day (after all, this list is for ways to make your commute more fun and more productive), every once in awhile it doesn’t hurt. Relaxing can be a great way to blow off some steam and decompress after a busy day at work. Ease the pain of public transportation noise by getting a good pair of noise cancelling headphones to block it all out. You can find that manufacturers like Sony carry a wide variety which can cancel out noise to varying degrees.  Plug these headphones in, hit “play”, close your eyes, and zone out!


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