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Pamela Munro gives a hilarious performance in the new family comedy How to Beat a Bully. We caught up with the actress to find out where Miss Fennell ends and Pamela Munro begins…



How did you get involved in the project, Pamela?

I auditioned for the projects, one of the many that I put myself up for on the internet.


Was there something in particular that intrigued you about working on this one?

Yes. I liked the idea of playing a teacher, especially such a funny one.


Can you say whether you and Miss Fennell have any similarities?


Well, I have been a teacher myself, among my many jobs, so I could bring that to the part. It’s also that the character is so earnest, but really clueless, which makes for a great comic contrast!  I also like to wear hats, as the character does. Actually, I brought in some of my own hats to wear and we made the fact that Mrs. Fernell had different headgear on in every scene a running gag.

The film is obviously a comedy, but it does tackle a serious subject – bullying.


What’s your take on the unyielding endemic that is bullying?

I was bullied myself by a “mean girl” in high school, so I know what it is like to have that psychological pressure. I really wish there had been some means of bringing up the issue at the time, like the opportunity a child would have today while watching our little movie at home.  It presents a great chance for the family to come together and share their feelings about this topic.


Had you worked with anyone on the film before or since?

No. But I have become great pals with our producer Marilyn Anderson, even finding we have friends in common.  I loved working with her and her team, and would love to do something else for them!

You’ve done film, television, theatre, commercials… is there a medium you prefer? 

Each medium has its own merits.  They say that theatre is the actors medium, because once you are on stage you control the action, but film can catch miniscule reactions and moments that would be blurred on stage.   And as for commercials, they are usually positive and fun and money-makers!


HOW TO BEAT A BULLY is now available on DVD/VOD

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