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Published on April 3rd, 2016 | by Ed Sum


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Live-Evil Movie Review

Live-Evil is an odd zombie-styled film which tries to get artistically creative. When a part of the film is presented in black and white, and moves into colour, perhaps writer/director Ari Kirshenbaums is trying to make some metaphors that not everyone will necessarily get. That includes a lone couch set against a white backdrop and red ink spilling through an invisible tank everywhere. In a movie which tracks Deputy Hancock’s (Charlene Amoia) attempt to keep a college town safe, everything goes to Hell in a handbasket! There are demon possessed officers, FBI agents with secret agendas and, even more, vampires coming out from nowhere to threaten sleepster-ville. The film is a dud, because, over time, this product will get forgotten.

Judas Ghost Movie Review

When a team of professional ghost finders is called upon to figure out what’s going on in an old village hall, and the team lead is out to put spirits to rest, the results may well summon the devil to put the humans to the test instead! Judas Ghost plays with familiar tropes in the whole paranormal reality bling thing. Instead of following in the traditions those television programs works in, this movie, at least, acknowledges that the only viewer is themselves. The story is on them, the team of investigators who uses some traditional magicks to protect them as they figure out the paranormal goings on in the building they hole themselves up in.

They are using the latest technology (circa 2013, the time of this movie’s original release) to nail down data and they have to talk to each other to figure out why this haunting is occurring instead of pulling out iPads and calling on the Internet to find a solution. Doors mysteriously disappear and reappear. For a low budget movie all set in one room, the performers have to give their all to sell the story. Martin Delaney, Lucy Sudden, Simon Merrells and Alexander Perkins do a great job at giving a Fringe Theatre-style performance to an invisible audience doing its best to frighten them. Grahame Fox plays the foe they have to face, but as for whether these investigators even figure out why the building is haunted, that’s best saved for watching this film from start to end.

OMG! We’re in a Horror Movie Review

OMG! We’re in a Horror Movie sounds like a film that a teen generation might love. It’s goofy fun that can get grating after a while, but on a second try, this film is more of a diversion when no better movie can be found. Sadly, CW’s Supernatural wins out with how able the writers can get hilariously meta in their references moreso than what this movie can do. This movie is cliche ridden. Ajala Bandele does a reasonable job of directing this product, and there are times this movie feels more like an attempt to riding the Cabin in the Woods scenario with Clue mixed in.

The chaos erupts when the team gets together to play a friendly game of Settlers of Catan. Three die are suddenly rolled and with no surprise, when the dreaded numerals of six, six and six are rolled, Satan is going to come calling! I actually laughed at the gags.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of the Scream franchise, to which this film bills some of its inspiration from, I suppose there is an audience somewhere who can enjoy this product. As a one-time diversion, I can not help but sort of quote Fast Times at Ridgemont High. For some reason I can’t help but be reminded of that classic film and recall, “Well, screaming (instead of surfing) not a sport, it’s a way of life everyone has to act out in a horror film. It’s no hobby; It’s a way of looking at that wave of optimism and saying, ‘Hey bud, let’s have a party with that monster.”

With horror-comedies, it’s about getting together with a bunch of friends to laugh the idiots in the movie who find themselves in supposedly precarious situations only to live (or die) by the hand of fate.

Last Man on the Moon Documentary Review

Andy Kaufman is not the only man on the moon. His fame is different though. In the movie The Last Man on the Moon, director Mark Craig recognizes Captain Eugene “Gene” Cernan, the last person who stepped foot upon that ball of luminous glory we see in the sky, waxing and waning in a regular cycle. Some lunar observers say it can influence people’s emotions. In this documentary’s case, it’s the feelings Cernan had in achieving his dreams. He was one of twelve men to be selected to be part of NASA‘s Apollo Space Program (1961 – 1975).

This film is a very personal one for Cernan. These days, he spends his time directing projects to further space exploration and he attends shows to inspire new generations to fly to the moon, but when or if that will happen will depend on NASA getting off their collective ass. These days, perhaps inspired by the movie The Martian, the goal is to reach Mars instead of figuring out a way to establish a lunar colony.

Wherever humanity is headed, this feature-length product is certainly sentimental. It not only concisely looks at Cernan’s life but also examines the program from its infancy to growth through interviews with fellow Apollo and Gemini astronauts, NASA crew, and their families. In Cernan’s case, this film nicely looks at how his family is affected. I can’t help but be reminded of the movie Interstellar because of what he left behind. Quite often, the story is not complete unless both sides of the issue are looked at. Like the film, does the child (Murphy) grow bitter because the father would rather explore new worlds instead of being there for her? She seems to have handled herself quite well without a papa, but in the real life case, Gene was mostly an absent father and husband. He was not there to watch his first born, Tracy, grow up. Cernan certainly had plenty of regrets in what happened during his first marriage with Barbara. He never forgot his first child though. He etched her initials on a large rock on the moon (known as Tracy’s Rock) as a lasting legacy to what should not be forgotten. Progeny, however distant that may be, should not be forgotten. Not many people can say they have a piece of rock on another planetoid dedicated to them.

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