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Published on February 12th, 2016 | by Don Guillory


Where To Invade Next

Where to Invade Next

Walking out of the theater, I found myself angered and a bit discouraged. I was in a haze as I approached the parking lot and entered my car. I sat there for a few moments reflecting on what I watched over the last couple of hours, much of which was no surprise to me. Seeing it and being able to visualize the injustices and social disparity put to film and considering that there are many who will be exposed to this for the first time bothered me deeply. It made me feel as though so very many people have been lied to and continue to lie to themselves about their circumstances, those of their neighbors, and American society as a whole. I turned the key in the ignition and began to drive home on the taxpayer funded roads in a vehicle whose company was bailed out by the government on the back of taxpayers. On the way back I thought about all the things that we tout as being better than the rest of the world: our public education system, public safety, labor, government, and 

When I first heard that Michael Moore had produced another documentary, I was excited. I find his humor, political perspective, and social curiosity interesting. Having watched several of his films over the years and read a couple of his books, I knew what to expect, or so I thought.

When confronted with an opinion or criticism of American society, the phrase “America, love it or leave it,” rears its head. Moore, in this case, leaves America in order to demonstrate how much he cares for America and how much all of us should work to make it better if we really do, in fact, “love it.” As part of his departure from America, he posits the idea that he should travel abroad with the intention of “invading” foreign nations to then bring back their ideas in order to “fix” America. His travels take the audience throughout Europe and North Africa. The discoveries are jaw dropping and awe-inspiring. We are presented with nations and businesses that are focused on the well-being of their citizens and workers in an attempt to create a stronger society. We bear witness to nations that encourage downtime and vacation. We see nations that do not run from their history and expose the dark pieces of their past in order to make sure that it is not lost and that the mistakes and disregard for life are not repeated. With a combination of interviews of the citizens and data, the audience is given great insight as to how much differently these nations focused on solving their problems and their causes. Instead of looking for a temporary solution which would prolong the initial problem, we are exposed to how they are not only able to achieve the solution, but how they used American ideas to make it possible.

The subject matter was enticing as Moore sought to find various aspects that made other countries excel while we seem to continue living under the illusion of American superiority, Exceptionalism and the unfulfilled “Dream.” The movie is not so much a documentary, but a comparative analysis and an indictment of the “American Dream,” American government, capitalism, and the complacency of the American People. This is a true exercise in free thinking and free speech. Where to Invade Next is an examination and dismantling of all of the misconceptions we have about who we are and where we fit in the world. Moore weaves an analysis about the failures of American society to live up to our potential and displays how much we still have to learn about ourselves and how little we know about the rest of the world.

Where to Invade Next, will frighten, anger, and frustrate its audience by breaking down the wall that has been built up against the rest of the world and our ignorance about them and ourselves. His film, although taking liberty with some of the theories and positions, establishes where our problems with education, law enforcement, diet, labor, capitalism, healthcare, and governance reside. Moore drives home the point that more can be done in order to improve American society and compete with the world. He also points out that our priorities are somewhat confused and lacking direction. They are often counterproductive. The film sheds light on the reality that American culture is focused on the individual and that there is a focus on “me” and not “we.” It made me consider the term and identity that it entailed. Can we still argue that there is a valid “we” in “We the People?” when the individual goals are the only ones that matter?

“Where to Invade Next” is a wakeup call for America, but too many people are going to hit the snooze button because they are complacent with their “Dream.”


Second Review by James Buckles


What should be expected from Micheal Moore? So many people think he is anti-un-fuck-America. With this new movie he show how much he loves the country by showing you thing that were originally American ideas that our trickle down economics would never allow.

with his new movie he struck chords in me that  every American needs to see, not just the left or the right. Everyone needs to see what ideas we are exporting while we barely live.


 As Americans we think that we are the golden land, to every country in the world our streets are paved with gold. This movie shows all the things that America (U.S.) considered to be the dream land is being done by other countries and proving it works. Think about the worker, not the bottom line.


 As Anti-American as these socialist ideas are they we taken directly from the U.S.A. ideals that we have forgotten about.

 Please watch this and see that everything that is working for the people of each country is based on an American Idea.

 I am going to stop here before I get too involved with my own politics Do not take my word for it, watch the movie and research it. Think for yourself.



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