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Published on February 8th, 2016 | by gareth


A Review In Defense Of The Awesome EA Star Wars Battlefront

We have spent a lot of time with EA Star Wars Battlefront since we did extensive coverage for the game at launch with our various Holiday Gift Guides. In the time since launch, we have seen comments both good and bad about the game and as such; I took my time with the program before entering into the written portion of our coverage. The game is a fantastic looking solo and team-based shooter set in the classic era of the Star Wars trilogy. Few dispute the absolute gorgeous graphics of the game and the incredible attention to detail that the developers have poured into the game. The biggest criticism seems to be that some believe the game is little more than a shell for the DLC that is available for an additional price and that the finalized game is lacking enough to justify the full retail price.

To me this is complete and other nonsense as I don’t know what people had in mind for the game one was announced but for me; the developers have delivered what they promised. The game features multiple online modes of play ranging from starfighter battles, Walker Assault, Blast, solo training modes, Supremacy, Cargo, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Heroes versus Villains, and Hero Hunt.
Each mode lets players play as either the Rebel Alliance or Empire and they can customize their loadout which includes the look of their character, weaponry, special abilities, and special weapons. As players gain experience the rebel to unlock new and better options as well is gained special weapons, vehicles, and even the chance to play is a classic character thanks to special icons located throughout the map.

Each gameplay mode has multiple maps although locations are set on Hoth, Tattooine, Endor, Sullust, and such. There are however multiple maps for each locale.
EA has also released two free updates of significance one that offered a new gameplay mode called Turning Point which features to locale set in Jakku from the most recent film. There has also been a recent update which brought new enhancements to the game as well as costumes and additional maps made available for various gameplay modes all at no cost.

While I understand some people’s complaints about the game not having a campaign, it was pretty clear from the beginning that this was designed to be an online experience. My biggest complaints center around the balance issues such as some characters taking multiple hits from a rifle and grenade and walking away while others go down fairly easy in 1 to 2 blasts. It’s simply a matter of getting to know your weaponry and what it takes to successfully take down an opponent as once you get into a groove, you’re able to do quite well. Players are going to die a lot as there is a lot going on specifically in the Walker Assault and Turning Point modes but if you stick with it, you are often rewarded and getting to play as a classic character or taking the controls of a vehicle is always a very nice bonus and allows you to turn the tables quickly on the other team.

EA has listened to the community and continues to offer refinements to the game and have said they will do so beyond the DLC which is coming this year. For me, EA Star Wars Battlefront is a true gift to the fans in that it gives games a graphically detailed and gorgeous as well as immersive Star Wars experience that is fun to play and is constantly being refined and added to by the company.
I had a fantastic time playing it since it came out and I look forward to seeing what is coming next in both the free and DLC categories for this game as it is truly been and can used to be a real treat for Star Wars fans especially when you consider how many bad games based upon the license have been released over the years.
4. Stars out of 5

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