Published on February 6th, 2016 | by gareth


Gigantic Steam Beta Keys

All outstanding key requests have been filled. We will offer up more keys later this week or this weekend.. Check this page for updates..

We have some Steam beta keys for the awesome looking game Gigantic up for grabs. The staff is loving the game and now that the NDA has been lifted, you can share your experiences online.

To get a key, simply leave us a comment and we will get you one and the instructions on how to get in the game.

About the Author

Syndicated movie & game critic, writer, author and frequent radio guest. His work has appeared in over 60 publications worldwide and he is the creator of the rising entertainment site and publication “Skewed and Reviewed”. He has three books of film, game reviews and interviews published and is a well-received and in demand speaker on the convention circuit. Gareth has appeared in movies and is a regular guest on a top-rated Seattle morning show. He has also appeared briefly in films such as “Prefountaine”, “Postal”. “Far Cry”. and others. Gareth is also an in-demand speaker at several conventions and has conducted popular panels for over two decades.

79 Responses to Gigantic Steam Beta Keys

  1. henkebus says:

    Hi I would love to get a key 🙂

  2. id love to try this game out

  3. Tobi says:

    i would like to try this game out

  4. Kristof says:

    hellow, i’m intrested to play the game!! my friends are in but i’m not yet ? 😀 thank yoo

  5. I would love to give it a try.

  6. svbs says:

    I would like one too please, thx alot mate!!!!

  7. I would love to have a key – game looks awesome.

  8. Jonas says:

    Hello Gareth. Do you still have a key left ? I would like to try the game out.

  9. Pavel says:

    would love a key!

  10. KILLERWINKS says:

    I would love a key 😉

  11. ilovewarframe says:

    OMG can i get a key please please O.O

  12. k3nsama says:

    Can i have a code please good Sir

  13. Armin says:

    I would love to get a key too 🙂

  14. adjucant says:

    hi is this legitamate? If so i would really appreciate a key. Thank you in advance.

  15. nekrosgaming says:

    I’d Like to get a Key

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would love one as well if you have anymore its for my friend
    also can you advise how to add friend on PC

  17. Joe says:

    I’d Also Like To Get A Key!! Please!

  18. youngslimone says:

    Id like a key if you still have any

  19. Charlie Brown says:

    Am I too late to get one?

  20. oz says:

    Can i get a key?

  21. warcode says:

    Been interested in this game since its reveal. If you still have any keys left I’d love to try it out!

  22. ierko92 says:

    ahh pleasseeeee give a key!!

  23. Dean says:

    Are keys still available?

  24. vladimir25 says:

    could i please have a key?

  25. Hi, any keys left? 🙂

  26. William Bossaert says:

    i would like to try this game out

  27. Weselin says:

    I’d love to get a key! My friend’s been praising the game for such a long time and I want to see how it’s like for myself 🙂

  28. timse93 says:

    A friend wanted me to ask here if I could get a key to play with him.

  29. Tony Tran says:

    I would Love to have a key if available 😀

  30. Lunncal says:

    If you’re still sending out keys, please could I have one?

  31. Joe says:

    Can I have a key so I can play with my friend?

  32. Darius says:

    Can I have a key please?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Would love to give that game a look.

  34. Viktor says:


  35. tsibuktu says:

    Could i have a key pls?

  36. Brett Hazle says:

    Hey man, thanks for doing this, can i have a key when you get more?

  37. K dobbs says:

    could i please have a key?

  38. Trevor S says:

    I would love as my friend go a code and he wants me to play with him so one code for pc would be amazing!

  39. Blake D says:

    Hey man, any keys lefT?????? would lvoe to try this new game

  40. gareth says:

    All the keys are gone. I am hoping for more and will fill them in the order the requests came in when more arrive but that likely will be during the week.

  41. mateen says:

    If you can still get your hands on more keys I would love one for PC. I’m dying to play this game!

  42. Brady says:

    Would absolutely love a key!

  43. Daniel A. says:

    Welp, looks like I’m late to the party! I would really appreciate a key if you get your hands on some more! Thanks a lot for doing this btw.

  44. Dan Ban says:

    Can I Get One As Well Please ? Thanks

  45. shield10 says:

    I would like a Beta Key as well. If you don’t mind.

  46. Steven A says:

    Yo if you get any new keys i would love one so i could play with my brother

  47. Frederic says:

    Hello! I Would like to ask if you are still giving out beta keys! I’ve been wanting to test this for a while so I would appreciate it if you still had some :O! thanks!

  48. Alex says:

    Any keys left ?

  49. SkullyZ says:

    Any keys now ?

  50. thedarkpassenger says:

    any keys left? i just need 1.PLS i saw gameplay love it

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